Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Remembering the Spirit of Rock and Roll

He was, without question and beyond any doubt, the spirit of rock and roll ...
in fact, Lloyd Thaxton embodied the spirit of young people better than any adult before, or (in my opinion) after him.  And, for just a minute, I'd like to reflect back on that amazing Pied Piper of Rock.

Uncle LL was energy personified, as anyone who watched his show can attest.  But, beyond that, he shared that energy with us by motivating a younger generation.
While he was busy with the show - and later on producing Fight Back! with David Horowitz and segments of the Today Show and so much more, he would always keep his fans in heart.  Instead of the "look-at-me-I'm-a-star" attitude that L.A. seems to convey these days, he seemed to say, "Look, guys and gals: If I can do this, you can, too!"  In fact, he once reminded me that, though he had millions of young fans around the nation, he considered them "just friends I haven't met personally.  Yet."  

Later, he and John Alston - having heard the old negative saying "Sxxt happens and then you die" - turned that into something positive and wrote the book "Stuff Happens and then you Fix It!"  In those magnificent pages, he showed us what he meant, and how to "fix" the things that seem to go wrong.  It's all a matter of our attitude, across the board.
And ya know what else?  In reading that book, we all found that LL wrote with the same enthusiasm as he lived!  It was like listening to him in person!!

Whether he was onstage with legends like James Brown, clowning with The Turtles, answering a letter from a fan or just meeting someone on the street, Lloyd was the same person, He literally loved life!

Now, qualities like that are rare to see in today's media-mad world, but there was another attribute to Uncle LL (and, again, it's sadly become a rarity among the under-59 set, especially):
his love for beautiful wife Barbara.  To say he adored her would be like saying "the sun shines on cloudless days".
And she was most definitely his sunshine.  He considered her his "driving force" (meaning, his soul and inspiration).
Would that we could all learn from the love affair that this dynamic husband/wife team had.

Lloyd and I had also talked about getting a special group together online called The Mouse Pack (honoring the thingy you clicked to get to a page, not the Disney dude).  But, out of respect for another rodential group in Vegas called The Rat Pack, he came up with The Mouse Clique!  (He said we have to click the mouse to get to the page - and a "clique" is a special group - so why not?)

But, although our Fearless Leader and Head Cheese (that last one was his description, not mine) has gone to entertain a celestial audience now, his original blog is still online for your enjoyment!  Barbara has been kind enough to preserve it for us, in honor, memory and tribute of the light of her life.  You can find it by clicking this link.

So enjoy the blog ... and ...

stay tuned ...

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  1. He loved using the internet to connect with his fans. I like to think that now he is reaching out to fans who we lost from Viet Nam or from experimenting in the psychedelic period.