Sunday, January 7, 2018

2018 ... so SOON??


No, we're not advertising the newest wheels to make it off the Chevy assembly-line (though they're pretty darned good).

We're talking about this shiny, new (or, by now, like-new; after all, it's been with us a week now) year we're calling 2018!!

Now, while a few of us are still set on keeping whatever resolutions we made before the ball dropped on Times Square, there are others who are wondering what (1) the President, (2) Kim Jong-Un and (3) society, in general, is gonna do.  Oh, some will say "he'll do this to that guy and they'll rise up and stage protests that'll be reported in a way that'll scare us half to death."  And we start to worry about it all.

But, as Uncle Lloyd's millions of fans know, "SOOOO WHAT??"

Look: What's been happening or will (allegedly) happen, news-wise, really won't change what we're doing now. I mean, think about it:

We'll still wake up every morning without all kinds of gun-and-mortar fire going on around us.
We'll still have our homes, complete with warmth, cable TV, internet service and food in the fridge.
We'll still be able to drive to wherever we're going without being stopped by the gendarmes (cops).
We'll still be able to go to church, synagogue, mosque, etc. and freely worship as we choose.

In other words, it ain't changed a blessed thing we've done yet, and you can bet your sweet bippy that it won't here in the New(ish) Year!!

So why all the hubbub, bub?

It's because the montage of myriad media is trying to steer our attention away from those issues that are supposed to be most important to us: (1) Love of and sustenance for our families; (2) work that's not only productive but pays a pretty decent salary; (3) worshipping our God in the manner we see fit; spending quality time with (1) and (3), thanks, in part, to (2).

But, knowing me ... knowing you (uh-huuuuuuh! [don't tell me you forgot that 1976 hit by ABBA!]), we're gonna bypass that nonsense for once and build, for ourselves and our loved ones, a dynamic year.  It's a showroom-fresh canvas on which we can paint the life we want!  We don't need any input by some slanted peanut gallery!
So go for it ... and make this the best year you've had yet!

Got it?? Good!!

Stay tuned ...

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