Thursday, January 19, 2017

Inauguration Frustration

In a little over 24 hours from when I signed, sealed and delivered this post to the GBS (Great Blog Machine), we're going to have a new head honcho here in America (gee ... didn't you hear the news??  Well, now you know, anyway ...).

Actually, from all the bickering and cat-clawing going on in Washington and beyond, this whole election has been more of a comedy than anything else.  I mean, we'd probably just as well have had Archie Bunker and Rosanne in place of Trump and Clinton.
Nonetheless, Donald Trump will become the next POTUS, and we need to accept that.
But ... but what does that mean for us, pray tell?  Are we gonna see everything collapse at our feet (or defeat on our laps)?

Naaaah ...

You see, this country is made up of you and me (oh ... and 310,999,998 other folks just like us) and, just as we've done under all the other POTUSES (or should that be POTII?) we've had, we'll continue to live, work and enjoy life.

Here's how it works: what the cable news conglomerates feed us is news that's gussied up and sensationalized to keep us glued to their programs.  When we do that, then they get better Nielsen numbers which, in turn, means more ad revenue (layman's terms: MONEY!).
In reality, before anything can really reach and affect us, the D.C. decisions have to be picked through like a ripe pecan by various bigwigs on and off the Congressional screen.  Then it goes through Congress and their yea/naysayers,
By that time, any huge tidal wave of trouble has been reduced to nothing more than a big drip.

Or should I say "by big drips"?  But we'll cover Congress some other time ...

So don't worry about the new President and all the hubbub surrounding his election.  We'll make it! We always have.  You see, we're survivors ...

because we're Americans!!

Monday, January 16, 2017

Adding New Material and ...


Actually, gang, I've let the Mouse House fall into a little, er, disrepair for awhile, so I put on the old thinking cap (anything to cover up this baldness ...) and decided to add a few perks to the blog:
First, you'll be seeing things like:

THIS DAY IN ROCK:   January 15, 1969: Wanna know why The Beatles never performed again?
Well, on the 15th, George Harrison said he was quitting the band ... and didn't show up for their recording sessions for almost four days. Of course, John, Paul and Ringo pleaded with him to come back.

He finally agreed, provided ...
they give up on the idea of doing any more live performing ..

and move the filming of Let It Be to the band's new Apple studios!

ON JANUARY 16, 1988,
George saw his hit (Got My Mind) Set On You, reach the #1 position on the Billboard charts. The video also starred a stuffed squirrel, chainsaw, stag head and warthog, as well as George who sang and played guitar to the break, then gently put his instrument down, did a back flip and busted some serious dance moves (all done by a stunt double, of course)!

EXACTLY EIGHT YEARS LATER, we nearly lost two legends, when Jamaican authorities opened fire on a seaplane carrying Jimmy Buffett and U2's Bono! They mistook it for a drug trafficker's plane. Island Records producer Chris Blackwell was also on-board. Fortunately for all of us (especially the plane's passengers!), the Jamaicans missed ,and nobody was hurt.

AND ON THE SAME DAY TWO YEARS AGO:  (also qualifies as "Weird News"?) A woman had filed suit against Rick Springfield, claiming that (now, get this!!) his butt caused her lasting injuries when he fell on her during a concert over ten years earlier!  Well, the jury ruled against her - and it took only an hour for them to make that decision (and I'll bet it only took that long because they had to stop laughing ..)

Anyway, that's one part of the new material you'll be reading here.  Along with the anniversary memories, I'll be including some interesting rock music facts and other material coming up in new posts, as well as special reruns from the Chief himself, Lloyd Thaxton.

So stay tuned ...