Thursday, May 26, 2016

RePost by Request: Return of AM Rock!!

If you noticed, we've got a little spot where you can leave your comments at the bottom of each post. Once, Uncle Lloyd and I were discussing "comments" that people leave. He emailed:

"Speaking of comments, I got this nice one from Mike McCann. Mike is a New York DJ, rock music historian and publisher of a Rock Newsletter that goes out to radio stations all over the country. I met Mike while in New York on a book tour:

'Lloyd, your comments on being true to your mission (and ignoring the outside suits whenever possible) ring so very true.
Look at what the broadcast industry has done to oldies radio -- made it blander, tighter, less creative, less quirky and less localized. Oh yeah, also lower rated with smaller ad revenues.
Now, oldies are allegedly dead for traditional radio, while mega-chains Clear Channel and CBS have jock-free but deep playlisted jukeboxes playing on the new HD2 feeds.
I predict those will last, without significant promotion of the programming and availability of affordable receivers, months not years.'

Now, I would've agreed with that -- except that "oldies rock" is starting to swing back into the mainstream of radio. A number of the old AM stations are reviving their original formats and playing more of the feel-good rockers of yesteryear.

For example, KLMS 1480 AM in Lincoln, Nebraska, dropped their ESPN-based sports talk format in favor of a return to classic rock ... and all just two weeks before the start of 2007 Super Bowl (remember ... they were sports radio!).

The reason? Well, people are wanting to hear the 4/4 sounds that made our feet tap, our bodies move, our lips synch and our attitudes soar! And they want it loud, local and lively, just like we had it back-in-the-day.

Sooooooo, because the big corporate suits have seemed to taken the music and made it just a big, impersonal playlist without any "hometown" touch; because the revenue is higher and there's a "hometown" support for local AMs, and because ... well, people are just wanting their music back, the AM rock is starting to roll once again!

And, as Martha Stewart would say, "That's a good thing ..."