Monday, March 21, 2016

Go FYGure ...

Go FYG-ure: The license plate had the name and official nickname of New York state.
It was the familiar orange and blue.
And a blue silhouette of the state appeared in the middle of the number “FYG-3925.”

It all seemed to perfectly legitimate.  Nobody questioned it as the vehicle tooled down the highway.

So why did an Erie County sheriff’s deputy stop the car?
Look at it closely.

It might have had something to do with the fact that the “plate” was made of cardboard and painted by hand to imitate an actual New York license plate.
For her troubles, Amanda Schweickert, 28, was charged with, along with other things, possession of a forged instrument (yes, it's against the law to have an intricately hand-painted, fake license plate - and it's a felony at that!
While they set bond for her, she hasn't been able to make it and is still in jail (maybe it takes a little time to fake $100 bills?? Who knows??)

IT'S IN THE MIX  We all know that the greatest recorded music comes from the mics and amps to the mixing boards.  The engineer blends the sounds together perfectly for the most listenable and enjoyable of rock, country, etc.
But, for so long, they used analog mixers - and, in today's world, they need to go digital!  Not only is the production perfect and crisper, but the digital mixers can last a lot longer than analog.
And for the best of the digital mixers, all you need is the x-32 . Not only do you get the best in quality o- but the price is very budget-friendly as well! And all you have to get that quality in your studio is to click on the link you just passed.
So do it today, and get ready for some dynamite sounds tomorrow!