Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Workin' For A Livin'

All right ... you obviously know that I'm a blogger as well as rock journalist. But I've also been privileged to write a number of reviews for great businesses around the nation.  They're really on the ball because not only are they customer-friendly and provide the best product for your money, but they also really know how to get the most out of their advertising dollar!

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Now ... I've got to get the cat and dog off the computer up there so I can publish this ...

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Monday, July 25, 2016

Rockin' The 2016 (Vote!)

A few days ago, an LT fan wrote in and asked, What do u think we would be like if Lloyd hd run for congress?"

Uncle LL for Congress?? Hmmm ... never thought much about that. I mean, we've had stars like Sonny Bono, John Hall (guitarist for Orleans [You're Still The One]) and Fred Grandy on Capitol Hill, and others like Jeff "Skunk" Baxter (Allman Brothers, Doobie Brothers) to run.

But Lloyd?? Naaaah ...

In fact (and I think Cuzzin Gary can back this up) he never talked much about politics (which, I've heard, is a combination of "poly" [meaning "many"] and "ticks" [meaning "bloodsuckers"]).
He was a man of all people, and always wanna be accessible to us. (Try to email your Congressman. How soon do you think he'd reply? Uncle LL was always willing to share, one-on-one, with his fans)

He was the author of smiles and optimism. I couldn't see him trying to push a bill through Senate (unless they had an automatic bill-changer in the foyer). Shoot -- he couldn't sit down long enough to get through a session. The man was constantly busy ...

Most of all, Lloyd was a family man. Anything that took him away for long stretches from Barbara and the kids would be voted down!

We were honoured to have Lloyd Thaxton as one of us -- and doubly so because he really, honestly had a no-strings-attached heart. He didn't serve a set group of "constituents", and would be honest and above-board about everything.
And it was for all of us; not just for L.A., not just for California, not just for Americans.

And, Mousers, that's why I couldn't see Uncle LL as a Congressman.

But he would remind us all to vote if we have 'em in November ... it's the VoP (Voice of the People) that's gonna make or break change (and not the jingly kind ...)

stay tuned ...

Monday, July 11, 2016


All right, Mousers -- who remembers Reality Rule #8 from Uncle Lloyd's Stuff Happens? (ie the Pretty Good Book [the other name's been taken. Sorry ...)
It's "Feedback -- The Breakfast of Champions" ...

Whilst re-reading the book (I'm on my 43rd read now, btw! It's got more dog-ears than a big-city animal shelter ...), I was reminded how we're giving more feedback now -- and to more people -- than ever before thanks to a little wonder called Facebook® ...

Natch, you're gonna read a bunch of replies or comments or whatever they're called -- but remember: The only feedback you get is that which is positive: something from which you can learn, in order to better yourself or broaden your mental or emotional base ...

But how many of us are willing to accept feedback? LL called it "criticism" -- which, according to Mr. Webster (Noah, not the dude in The Monkees' track ...), means "the art of evaluating" (to which Cuzzin Relic adds "constructively"). It pertains to a specific task or venture, and is done so in order to improve your work or product.
People, we can't really improve without it. From the time we learned to walk, we've gotten feedback from someone in order to improve what we're doing (I had the "walking" thing down pat by the age of 19. Then I was drafted ...).

But Lloyd (and John Alston. It was a joint effort, remember. Don't know the name of the joint they were in when they wrote it, though ...) also reminds us of something else. Remember that little box with the analogy of the chef? He had to taste his recipe himself to determine if anything was missing ...).
So we also need to give ourselves some feedback ... and that comes from taking a step back and doing a bit of self-evaluation. Is what we're doing productive? Profitable (and I'm talking, here, about more than just "financially")? Are we doing it the right way? What can we add or lose to make it better?

The "Exercise" section of the chapter was my favorite part. Lloyd says, in essence, to "loosen up" (he called it "Body Lock") by getting on your feet, lifting your leg and really shaking it, then putting it down, doing the same with your arm and hand.
It worked so well (especially when I started shouting, "HEP muh! HUAH!! AH FEEEEL GOOOD!" and the strains of "Papa's Got A Brand New Bag" started pouring through my speakers ...) I'd recommend it to everybody (though my dogs are still a bit nervous, being around me).

So, when you're faced with a dilemma, or want some positive evaluation of your work, listen to the feedback. And, if you've got to give it yourself, remember the PPP Principle: Make it Plain, Positive and Productive.

Stay tuned ...

Monday, July 4, 2016

Hold Your Head Up!

In my opinion, one of the greatest rock bands ever to grace the stage/radio/.mp3s/video is the legendary quintet, The Zombies.
With a tight sound fronted by Rod Argent and Colin Blunstone and a catchy name (hey ... it's good to see the word and not envision flesh-eating undead, right?), these lads have produced mega-hits like She's Not There, Tell Her No and Time of The Season.

But one of the most-requested songs in their repertoire isn't actually a "Zombie" song at all - but one that Rod and Chris White wrote for his band, Argent, while he and the Z-people had parted ways (they're solidly back together now, btw).

The song: Hold Your Head Up!

It had the elements of a monster hit from the get-go (including one of the best rock organ solos ever recorded), but there was infinitely more to this tune,
It was said that the song was actually inspired by a young girl who was verbally bullied by others, and was near suicide.  It pleaded with her to "hold her head up".
Since then, the song has helped literally thousands of young people stand strong - to "hold their heads up" - when they're taunted, mocked, ridiculed or otherwise bullied verbally (I've known some personally who've said this!).  And, yes, I'm saying it saved countless children from suicide!!

Musically, it had the elements that made rock a success back then: repetitive lyrics in the chorus, simple, churning rhythm and a great backbeat.  But the message was the greatest "sell" point of the song itself.

Today, HYHH is part of The Zombies' set wherever they're playing (Rod, of course, has rejoined them.  Co-writer Chris was still with the Z-band when he helped create the hit).

Their message in the song was echoed time and again by Uncle Lloyd, whether on his Lloyd Thaxton Show or, with John Alston, in his book Stuff Happens (and then you fix it)!  He was a true hero of teens - all teens, of every shape, size, religion or color; that they should be respected as well as heard!

And if there's any time in American (or world, for that matter) history that this song needs to be played again and again, it's today!  Here's the long version of the hit:

Stay tuned ...