Sunday, June 26, 2016

The Weekly New Spaper

The Wayback Machine takes us to 2006, when my old hand-held newspaper (ie, one you buy from a news rack) had just folded and I was planning a new one: "Let's Rock!" It was to be dedicated to the oldies (music, not people).

I discussed the concept with our Mouse-In-Chief, Lloyd Eugene Thaxton, Esq., who dug the idea and provided some fab ideas for it.

We both knew that hard-copy newspapers were giving way to online versions that would reach a greater cross-section of America. So it was decided that LR would be an online read. And, since it was new, Uncle LL even came up with a new word for it:

It would be thus-and-hereafter dubbed .... a New Spaper! (No need to create a new-fangled name when the word "newspaper" is already composed of two words, right?)

Well, with life happening while I was busy making other plans (gee ... that Lennon guy was smart, wasn't he?), that particular New Spaper never made it to press (er, online).   But, after a few false starts (hey ... computers are 'search engines', right?  So it's appropriate), yours truly, with my business partner and good friend Darryl Worley, came up with a new New Spaper called Webside Weekly.

The cool part about this little webside wonder is that most of it's actually composed of contributions from our readers.  But it also has a fab music page - and even those new-fangled, readily-installable videos (for you older folks, they're like little animated coloring books set to music).  In our first issue, we feature a dynamic UK country star named Mike Lane, and include some cool videos of his music.
More acts - including a few flashbacks - will be coming up in future ishs, so stay tuned.

We've also learned an invaluable lesson:  If you want a New Spaper done right, don't try editing on one of those supposedly-smart phones.  You'll be faced with the dreaded ... autocorrect!  Then a simple sentence like Dave Davies could be the Kink's singer in a push could turn out Dave Davies could kick a sinner in the tush.
He might.  I don't know.  But this has nothing to do with religion or anatomical parts, thank you (PS I really like and respect Dave, Word is that he and brother Ray are trying to work the kinks out so they can get The Kinks out on the road again.).

(Just a thought:  If these new computerized cars are so great, why don't they come with "autocorrect"?  Would save us a lot of roadside trouble if they worked ...)

Anyway, we do hope you'll visit the site early and often. Remember, though: Don't put this New Spaper down on the floor for your pups to use when you're finished! If you do, you'll end up with a shorted-out computer and a fricaseed pooch!

Remember, it's published every week on Saturday, so ....

stay tuned ...

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