Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Just "Dragon" It On

The crazy infighting in Carolina over gender is nothing compared to what you are about to read, folks.
You see, awhile back, a 55-year-old Arizona dude named Robert Hernandez decided to become ... er, a ... "woman."

No big deal, I guess. Recently, we've read too much about guys crossing the gender line, right?

But being "transgender" wasn't enough for him. Oh, nooooo!!

Now he wants to be a tran-SPECIES!! More specifically, a human LIZARD!
You can read his\her\its story here.
(Can't wait to see which bathroom THIS thing wants to slither into!)

By the way: concerning the Great Carolina Bathroom Wars (aka HB 2):
Here's a perfect solution:

For decades, they've been unisex and based on need, right??
Problem is: Who's gonna CLEAN 'em??

Stay tuned ...