Tuesday, February 23, 2016

You Could Be A WINNER!!

Hey ... remember those old contests that your local AM disk jockeys would run during their drivetime shows? They went something like this:

"ALRIGHT! We're lookin' for the THIRD CALLER ... that's the THIRD caller, not the first ... who can identify this sound:", then they'd play a couple of seconds from some way-out spaceship-sounding whatever (usually something like a blender or electric razor recorded at half-speed). "If you're the THIRD CALLER to CORRECTLY identify that sound, you'll get two FREE tickets to ... (whatever rock concert was coming up in your town)!!!"

Somebody once said that those contests (and our local Big WAYS 61 had plenty of 'em!) were a throwback to the old "secret decoder" messages and contests that ran during 1940's radio. Of course, with the introduction of the mega-stations and their satellite feeds, webside radio and more, this has, sadly, become a thing of the past.

Or ... has it??

With the return of local A.M. stations (these are slowly coming back into play in response to the "FM Oldies" only covering the late '70s to the 1990s), plans are being formulated to bring back some of the fun and zaniness (along with the music) that we enjoyed back-in-the-day.

And I can hardly wait ...

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Great Beatle Weapon

A few years ago, I (and a lot of other musical pundits) had my thought process in overdrive when Ocar-winning producer, Milos Forman, said: "It sounds ridiculous but I'm convinced The Beatles are partly responsible for the fall of Communism."

His claim is backed up by Dr. Yury Pelyushonok, a Canadian based Doctor of Soviet Studies in Medicine and author of "Strings For A Beatle Bass" who grew up in the former USSR in the 1960s: 

"The Beatles had this tremendous impact on Soviet kids. The Soviet authorities thought of The Beatles as a secret Cold War weapon,"
 he said. "The kids lost their interest in all Soviet unshakable dogmas and ideals, and stopped thinking of an English speaking person as the enemy."

As the interview progressed, Forman also added in: "That's when the Communists lost two generations of young people ideologically, totally lost. That was an incredible impact." Rolling Stone Keith Richards suggests that the music of the 1960s played a big part in bringing about the end of Communism: "After those billions of dollars, and living under the threat of doom, what brought it down? Blue jeans and rock 'n' roll."

It's interesting, isn't it? I mean, the very thing that the Communist regime was so militantly against was what brought it to its knees: freedom of expression ... freedom to be individuals! And the catalyst? The music it despised so strongly!

Listen: when music is strong enough to even bring a nation to its knees, it's time for us to give it - no matter what genre it may be - the respect it deserves!