Saturday, January 30, 2016

The Fore Reuniting??

A few years ago, it was my privilege to act as U.S. Press Agent for one of the hottest bands that Britain had produced in over a half century.
THE FORE had one of the liveliest, most upbeat shows since the legendary British Invasion. Their Mersey/Hamburg sound was often compared to that of the Beatles at their best.
Sadly - after two successful albums, appearances before as many as 20,000 screaming fans, TV shows and with a fanbase that spanned the globe ...

they disbanded.

They all went on to other successful musical endeavors - but their fans missed them.
And rock needed them.

A few days ago their founder/lead vocalist, Spencer Hannabuss, met up with drummer Si Thompson - and the idea of at least one reunion concert was brought up.
Automatically, fans began writing in, pleading for it to happen! When a couple of DJ friends of mine heard about it, they promised immediate airplay of any new releases.

Will the lads (including guitarists Matt Hardy and Nathan Persad) agree to do it?
The fans are chomping at the bit and straining at the leash to hear them say "yes"!!

Everybody stay tuned, because this is BIG!!


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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Classic or Oldies? The Difference:

Awhile back, a Rockaholic down in PA way (hmph ... I had a Pa once. He was a good man ...) asked me a question:What's the difference between "oldies" and "classic" rock? Or IS there one? 

Well, to answer that, let me ask ya this: Is there a difference between a peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwich and a big, juicy hamburger? I mean, both are filling, but one's got a little meat to it!

Y'see, back-in-the-day, there were thousands of cool 45's twirling around the turntables, and some dynamite entertainers backing 'em up onstage.
Many were danceable, some could turn your lovin' up a notch or two, and a few could make ya wish you had a beer to shed a tear in ...

Aaaaah, then there were those whose lyrics, churning rhythm, heavy guitar bridges, and flexing vocals just got deep in your soul and embedded themselves there. They were the product of overall frustration with the establishment (man, did we ever wear out that word back then!), the war (ie, Vietnam), social injustice, or even themselves. They got deeper into everything, it seemed.
And they were by performers who we could depend on for follow-up hits. These are the true "classics".

Lemme give ya an example or two: Anybody remember Poison Ivy by The Paramounts? (okay ... I know some of our readers from UK do!) Cool, but a cover. But was their rendition classic? Now ... check out A Whiter Shade of Pale by Procol Harum. Classic? In the best sense, right?? Well ... (Relic's got a seeeeeecret ...) It's the same BAND! Just years later ... with a little more meat!

Or Go Now!by the Moody Blues (with Denny Laine). Good, listenable, killer piano ... but classic? They took a little time off, then hit withNights In White Satin, I'm Just A Singer (In A Rock & Roll Band) and the Relic's fave,Question. New flavor, 'cause there's more meat!

So there ya have it. Gimme your feedback, okay? What's "classic" to you? Drop a few examples while you're at it, if you wanna.

DIDJA KNOW THAT some of the Sixties hits were modified and used in television commercials back then? But they were beaten out by the famed Oscar Meyerjingle as well as the melodic-if-sparse-on-words Meow Mix melody. Incidentally, the cat in the MM commercial wasn't really singing. He was ... er, starting to ... throw up his food (really!) , and the camera dude caught his mouth movements (cats normally meow deeply before anything comes up. I think they're telling us toCLEAR THE AREA!! HERE IT COMMMMES!!) and filmed it, then duplicated it in reverse -- and spliced the parts together. Dunno who did the actualmeowing, though

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Uncovered Facts: The Thin White Duke

While the entertainment world is still reeling over the recent death of David Bowie, I uncovered some interesting facts about the legend - many of them not well known at all.

For example: many people commented on the fact that one of his eyes seemed glassier and wet. The reason behind that was that, as a school boy, one of his eye's pupils was permanently dilated in a fight over a girl!
The student who did that - George Underwood - later did the artwork on some early Bowie albums.

As he got older, he was described, in an interview with the BBC, as the President of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Long-Haired men.

The album and song, "Aladdin Sane", was inspired by his older half-brother,  Terry, who committed suicide in 1985.

A decade later - upset that his fans had trouble downloading one of his songs on their dialup connections - he formed his own ISP, called "Bowienet".

And the pic at the top? It was taken during a performance in Oslo, Norway, in 2004. Someone threw a lollipop onstage - and it lodged in Bowie's left eye!
But, being the ultimate entertainer, he continued performing!!

There's no doubt that this "master of reinvention" has left an indelible mark on popular music.

He may be gone on his own "Space Oddity" - but his influence will be felt on terra firma for years to come ...

Monday, January 11, 2016

Ringing In The New Year

It's no secret that our mothers have been the most important women in our lives. After all, without them, we wouldn't be here today.
My own (Irene Hinson) was a special angel who was cherished by my dad. Every chance he got, he would get some kind of jewelry - especially rings - to show how much he loved her and appreciate all that she was to him and our family.

Today, all too often mothers are taken for granted. But there is a way to help turn this tide and, once again, show them how precious they are to us.

That way is to give them beautiful, quality jewelry from one of the best-quality and innovative jewelers in the nation!
Foe example, when you click on  you'll find some of the most beautiful mothers rings that have ever been crafted.

All you need to do is click on that link you just passed - and, when your order has arrived, watch for the smile and sparkle return to your mom's eyes!
It's simple - and, while the jewelry's perfect quality, its price is also easy on your wallet!

Besides, after all she's done for you, don't you think it's time??

Sunday, January 10, 2016

A Few Surprising RockFacts

A few days ago, I was doing some research for an article on rock and roll and uncovered some pretty interesting facts!

For example:

Many of the luckiest Beatle fans were those who got the lads' autographs when they first came over to America in 1964.

But it has been recently discovered that most of these autographs were not genuine!! They were often signed by part of the Fab Four's entourage - Neil Aspinall, Derek Taylot and Mal Evans!
According to Ivor Davis - who accompanied the band on their first U.S. tour - they apparently did it because the demand was too great for John, Paul, George and Ringo to accommodate!

While The Beach Boys' "Fun, Fun, Fun" was heating up the radio, some rock fans were turning on to The Righteous Brothers' "Lovin' Feelin'" and the romantic "Unchained Melody." Folk enthusiasts were still enjoying The Kingston Trio's "Rev. Mr. Black."
What did all these songs have in common?
They featured an amazng guitarist named ... Glen Campbell!!

Some of you ladies may remember the feminist anthem "I Am Woman" by Helen Reddy.

Well ... would it hurt its impact if I told tou it was written by ... a MAN?!

Actually, it was not only written by Australian Ray Burton - but parts were even REwritten for Ms. Reddy!!

And the Godfather of Soul, James Brown, almost didn't record his hit, "Papa's Got A Brand New Bag," because his producer didn't know what he meant!
And neither did Mr. Brown, for that matter!
Fortunately, it was recorded and not only hit #1 but also introduced a new slang word to Sixties teens.

It was recorded at Arthur Smith Studios (later renamed "Studio East") in Charlotte, NC!

stay tuned ... more coming up shortly ...

Friday, January 8, 2016


Okay, we're heading into the middle of January. How many of you have actually kept your New Year's resolutions to this point? (Come on, now - tell the truth! lol)

Actually, if you can just keep a few of them during the month of January you'll be well ahead of the crowd.
Right: just take them in "bite-size" pieces (those you know you can handle), and implement them one day at a time!
Then - once they're perfected - take on the next. Then the next. Don't try to make all of them happen at once, because they'll start falling apart.

So make this the Year of the Great "Resolution Revolution", where your resolve (determined decision) is played out every day until you succeed in fulfilling them.
Remember: it takes about a month to make a new habit stick to your inner gizzard - but it can only be done one day at a time.  And you will if, in the words of the late Roger Miller, you "knuckle down, buckle down, and do it, do it, do it!"


A few days ago, while putting away a journal I kept of 2015, the drawer jammed Midway and I couldn't get it shut. Have any of you had that problem?
Well, after checking local stores for ways to correct that problem, I found the perfect place to provide me with easy-to-install (and equally easy-on-the-wallet) soft close drawer slides. By clicking that link, you'll find the best selection and finest workmanship - and all at a very affordable price!
So start your new year off in comfort, and stop struggling with stubborn dresser or kitchen drawers!

Makes for a pretty good resolution in itself, doesn't it??

Tuesday, January 5, 2016


By now, some of you already know that Charles Laufer, who, the New York Times alludes, pretty much made Tiger Beat Magazine, died at the age of 87.
Now, I'm not trying to be picky here, but ... ummmm, who "made" what?!?

Take a look at the TB cover up there (PS This is one that Uncle LL sent me back in 2007).
The fanzine, itself, had some boss stories in that issue, including about natural wonders like beetles and rolling stones; about historical figures like Paul Revere and his raiders, info on some of the rock happenings of the month, and articles on the legendary James Brown. In fact, one particular article made me chuckle (hey ... can do it if I want; after all, 2/3 of it's my name!). Y'see, in the piece, Uncle LL referred to as "Jim".
And you didn't call the Godfather of Soul "Jim"! Onstage, he was called what his mama and daddy, Susie and Joe, named him; offstage, his entourage, from roadies to management, called him "Mr. Brown". He didn't like "Jim" because it sounded disrespectful.
Now, there's no question that Laufer was publisher of Tiger Beat -- but who do ya think really molded the magazine into the mega musical media monster it became? And whose name graced the front cover as the one who produced it? Check the close-up on the right for a hint (again, this is from my copy ...).
So, whilst we obviously send condolences to the Laufer family, we, the minions who memorialise our musical madcap media master and followers of the fab father of finger-people, want the media to give Lloyd Thaxton the credit he deserves so well ...
Actually (and for all of you who've asked about it) I'm on the trail of the whereabouts of the long-awaited DVD -- the one that Uncle Lloyd was working on until he left us. As soon as I get more info, I'll post an immediate update. So ....
stay tuned ...