Sunday, June 14, 2015

It Can Suit You To A Tea!


Nestled among the shops in historic downtown Pineville, NC is one that offers pure, aesthetic teatime perfection! 

I've been there a few times before, and it is incredibly enriching and relaxing!

From the time you open the doors of Unwind Tea and Coffee Beans - where you're cordially greeted by Wendy (the owner) and with the relaxing aroma of exotic tea wafting around you - you'll realize you're in a special and welcome respite from the hectic everyday world. 

Unlike so many places these days, you'll find Unwind a simple, down-to-earth store where you can actually sit and relax for awhile (yes, they have sofas and chairs!).
They carry so many different kinds of tea (and take my word for it: you'll love their Madagascar Coconut.  Why, it actually tastes like coconut cream pie!), but they have special teas that can either pick you up or calm you down.

Honestly, with so many flavors (like Vanilla Mint Sencha or Sweet Orange), you'll think you've gone to tea heaven.

You'll find wellness teas (and these really work, too!), Relaxation Elixir, Detox and Digestion Tonics (and these are some of their favorites!) and so many more! 

In fact, she has a spot where you can even sample the tea of the week (this time, it was Passion Fruit Black Tea Iced - and it was sooo good that I had to sample it twice! lol  Her teas are totally delicious!!)

Of course, they carry a variety of coffees, too (hence the "... and Coffee Beans" in their name). 

You'll love the light-to-medium roast of "Happy Dog" (gotta love that name! lol), Hazelnut for those who like flavored coffee, decaf, half-caff and even Espresso! 

And did you know you can even have your child's birthday tea party there? Girls can make a tiara or jeweled necklaces and enjoy cupcakes and tea (like Strawberry Lemonade, Summer Berries, Root Beer or Vanilla Wafer). Why, Wendy will even host small bridal or baby showers, and the guest of honor can choose a combination of tea and cheese to share with attendees! 

Now, these showers are about one-and-a-half hours, and up to twelve guests (including the guest of honor) can be invited! She just asks you call the store at 704-889-TEAS (8327) for available days and times or send her an email (just check the "contact" page on Unwind's website).

Wendy also carries a line of very beautiful purses as well as lovely handmade jewelry items!

She really has an amazing and exotic line - and everything is priced to go easy on your wallet!

And she's on Facebook now, so be sure to follow Unwind Tea and Coffee Beans there! 


You can get to this magical store by just going down Main Street in historic downtown Pineville and, just before you get to the railroad tracks, turn left on Dover Street.  It's at 109 Dover (you can't miss it!  Just look on the left for the logo on their blue awning):

So come on down and give your taste buds - in fact, your whole being - a treat, and visit them today!  Pick up some delicious tea or coffee while you're at it.  I guarantee you'll be refreshed, renewed - and will want to come back time and again!

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