Friday, June 12, 2015

Building On A Dream (It's Not Hard)


You know, one thing that Lloyd Thaxton believe in was the power of the "idea". He told me once that, when you get a solid, constructive idea, run with it - especially if it's something that will benefit others.

And that's exactly what a young lady in Pineville, North Carolina did!  Mandie Miller learned to bake at an early age, honed her skill by making delicious cakes for her friends' birthday parties and, in time,  crafted it into one of the best cake businesses in America!

Got What It Cakes  is actually located in a shopping strip called the Out Back Shops on Main Street, just a block from the historic downtown district of Pineville  (for you outsiders, it's just a mile south of Charlotte).  But her business has sparked the imagination of young cake-bakers nationwide and has earned the respect of thousands of others.
You see, if you scroll about a third of the way down her webpage, you'll find that she's been featured on TV shows like Katie Couric's, newspapers like the New York Times and magazines like Redbook and Better Homes and Gardens.
Through the videos and articles, you'll also find how she initially marketed her business and began to grow:  a tiny little, "blink-and-you'll-miss-it" place on the internet called ... Facebook!  (Have you ever heard of it?)

Now, while the company has gotten a lot of media exposure, you'd really appreciate the fact that Mandie and her workers are some of the friendliest, most humble people you'd ever want to meet!  Even though they're picking up a lot of wonderful clients, they make a point of making you feel like you're the most special of them all!
Set in a small but cheery little pink suite (or, considering their product, should I say "sweet"?) in the Out Back Shops, they're constantly busy creating their masterpieces (look at the one on your right.  Kind of makes you want to go back and have that first birthday again, just to get a piece of that creative-but-delicious cake, doesn't it?)  Imagine how remarkable your cake will be - whether it's for a wedding, birthday, new baby or any other occasion!

I mentioned Facebook a little earlier (it's where Mandie actually got her start with the business!).  But, if you want to know and see more of their beautiful cakes, just go to their Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest pages!
Any questions?  Then please go to their FAQ page - because, along with answering them, she'll also give you the best way to contact her (you see, besides being a dynamic baker and businesswoman, she's also a busy mom and wife.  But she wants to give you her undivided attention when it comes to discussing your order).  So be sure to visit that page too, okay?

So click on her page and links now, feast your eyes on the awesomeness of delicious perfection, and then place your order with Got What It Cakes!

She's just what Uncle Lloyd was talking about ...

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