Friday, November 7, 2014


EDITOR'S NOTE: I've been away for awhile - starting new ventures, recording podcasts, looking for my sanity - but, starting with the repeat performance you'll (hopefully) read in a moment, the blog is returning to full-speed (or as fast as the hamster inside this Windows 87 can run), and will have fresh, new and unadulterated material (who said I have to be "adult" about this??), with wacky stories, insights and pleas for money.
Seriously, though: I'm running this archive post because, with SantaSeason coming up, it's important to be aware that ID thieves (non-governmental) are looking over our shoulders:

It all ties in ...

Awhile back, whilst trying to use my little, nearly-dog-eared Visa®, I found out that it was nearly maxxed out -- and not by yours truly!! Not entirely pleased with the matter, I went down, tore off the entered the doors of the bank with my little, nearly-Visa-eared dog® and found that somebody apparently used my identity to buy half of Podunk (of course, Podunk doesn't cost very much ...).

After crunching the figures about as much as my nerves were at the time, the banking father gave me the facts, figures -- and I believe, as irate as I was, even the bird -- and I proceeded to sign the zillion papers necessary to get investigations going and maybe a little remuneration.

At least I think I signed my name; remember, someone had stolen my identity, so I'm not really sure...

Now, though it happened "awhile back" (or did I mention that?), the incident did cause me to think for once:

These snakes who slither between the cracks in our web security and steal our names and numbers are called "identity thieves".  They lift our bank account numbers to drain us (heck ... what do they want with my 45 cents anyway??), or our credit-card info (I guess to raid one of those shopping networks?) or whatever.

But what they don't do is actually steal our identities!!  Those things are locked inside our brains (again, what do they want with my 45 cents' worth of intelligence, anyway??) and personalities. It's in how we handle our jobs, our families and ourselves when we're out-and-about.  It's in the way we worship.  It's in the way we react to movies, television or books we read.  Bottom line? It's in the way we present ourselves to others ... and ourselves!

And that, my friend, is sealed tighter than the answers hermetically sealed in an airtight jar on Funk & Wagnall's porch ...

You see, we can open new accounts, get new credit-cards or whatever.  But our identities -- our own, individual personalities -- are one-of-a-kind, permanently ingrained in us.

And nobody can take those away!

Stay tuned ...