Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Great ITCH

We all have them, right?? And they seem to pop up just as we pick up something either heavy, delicate or breakable-when-dropped ...

With all the dances that floated around back in the Sixties (think: Hully-Gully, Mashed Potato, Frug, Twist, Slaussen, Swim, etc.), I'm kind of surprised that nobody came up with one called "The Itch": start with a partner, your hands on your head, then pretend that you have an itch, no arms and need to scratch it!

Naaaah ... it'd be banned by the FCC in a heartbeat! lol

But, seriously: If there was one person who knew how to scratch our itches (attitudinal ones, anyway), it was Uncle Lloyd. And he did it in the best way he knew how:
By being himself!  He never, ever, looked down his nose at any of his fans.  It didn't matter what color, shape, size, gender, affiliation or financial status was - he genuinely and sincerely loved each and every one of them!
Now, I've gotten to know quite a few "stars" over the years and, while most of them are fantastic people, there are some who have a "You're not in our league, you little person!" attitude. Then they go on to their TV or movie roll and pretend they're one of "us".
Those leave my address book as quickly as they came in ....

LLoyd, though, was total sincerity! He reached out to us because he was "one of us". There was no pretention, no condescending attitude ... though he was, by all rights, a star, to his fans he was Lloyd Thaxton, FRIEND!
And a true one at that!

I mentioned "itches". Whenever we had something under our skin, we could talk with Uncle Lloyd -- and, to our initial surprise, he would answer us, whether in his blog or personal email! He co-wrote a book, Stuff Happens (and then you fix it!) with John Alston, and it addressed many of our "itches" in plain, conversational (and often humorous) tones.

With him around, our attitudinal and psychological "itches" didn't stand a chance ...

Stay tuned ... (right now, I have to take that lion back to its cage ...)

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