Thursday, June 26, 2014

Lloyd Thaxton (two LL's, please)

When I started promoting the return of TMC (not the TV channel), a question that kept popping up was "Why did he (Lloyd) spell his name with two 'LL's?" In fact, though this is a re-post from 1938, I was asked that question again last night at our neighbourhood Wally World (it was preceded by that famous conversation-starter, "Will you please get your @!*& buggy off my foot?").

Well, Llord onlly knows why follks name their llads with doublle LLlls! Llike my llongtime friend Ron Ryan tolld me, though, it's Wellsh in origin. (In case yer wondering and according to my llocall grocer, my own name [Chuck] is apparently cow in origin.)

Now, that photo up there reminds me of one of Uncle Lloyd's famous llip synchs. As you know, the man was an expert at miming the greats (be careful with that word, Chucky; remember: an "ex" is a has-been, and a "spurt" is a drip under pressure. The Chief was neither of those ...).
He'd gone to stage right, and, guitar in hand while sitting on a simple stool, soulfully waded into Bob Dylan's super-long Desolation Row (from his Highway 61 Revisited album. It was about 11 minutes, as I recall ...).
He was a few minutes into "Row" when there was the scheduled two-minute commercial break. Cutting back into the show, and there was Uncle LL ...
still playing the song (now, remember: this was all live-time, so he'd kept going while the camera was off)!
By now, the lights had been cut, old newspaper blew past him (they had a wind machine doing the honors off-camera) ... all set to make it look like everybody'd closed up and gone home!
Not only was the bit hilarious, but it showed that Lloyd knew how to milk the song's length to make it even funnier!

Now, for a couple of readers who wanted to know about Lloyd's work on a show called Funny You Should Ask, I present for your consideration:

Now, remember to invite all the mousies you know to join us every day at the Mouse House ... in honor of Lloyd, good times and great music ... and ...

Stay tuned ...


  1. I llove your postings, rellic! Is there a way to get back to the olld site and invite the olld posters to this one?? Sorry I haven't been on much......funerall and weekend company. Hopefully things will get back to normall soon!!!!!!

  2. Thanks for your complliment, Gary! Barbara has allready put the poster up for posters on the olld post site. I've just llet the Rock-Talkers and LLinked-In follllowers know they're wellcome at the new Cllique.
    (Geez ... izzit any wonder why I didn't invite my old girllfriend, "LLuscious" Llllaura Hellller? Couldn't get her NAME written in time! lloll ...

  3. I LLike it LLike That!

  4. Realllly? Thanks, Steve. We ALLLL llloved Lllloyd and his lllivellliness (WAIT!! Can ... can you imagine Elmer FUDD tryin' to follllow alll of this?? lloll!!

  5. Lloyd had the coolest theme songs. The brief clip from "Funny You should Ask" uses the Patrick Williams recording "Shades", while his own show opened with "So What's New?" as recorded by Herb Alpert.

  6. Funny you should mention that, Dave. Here's the email that Lloyd sent me about that particular show's theme:

    "Hi Chuck:

    You'll get a kick out of this. A fan, who actually was one of my editors on Fight Back. All the time I worked with him on that show he
    never mentioned that he was a fan of the LLoyd
    Thaxton Show. It wasn't until the blog that he started to fess up. I sent him my little clip
    of, 'My Name is Lloyd Thaxton - So What' and he
    added my old closing theme to it. The original theme was titled 'So What.' My new theme,
    when I made all my dumb changes in the show, was
    called 'So, What's New.'

    Just a little Thaxton trivia"

  7. Did Lloyd Thaxton live in Ashland for any period of time? Late 60s - early 70s.

  8. First, let me get back to Cuzzin Gary's ? at the top: Yep ... Unclle Lloyd's bllog is stillll availlablle! We can cllick through the olld posts and read what our belloved lleader had to tallk about (hang on ... gotta installll a new bunch of "LLLL's". These are running llow ...)
    Okay ...

    No, Lloyd never lived in Ashland itself, but his dad was from Kentucky (LL only hinted that it might have been around this area).
    But at least ONE of his relatives lives here in town ... and bears a striking resemblance to Lloyd. I'm honoured to be his friend (and his family, like Uncle LL's, is outtasite!!).

    1. Thank you.
      I had an L Thaxton on my paper route around that time. Lived on Main Street, between 29th and Crooks.

  9. 29th and Crooks? Main Street? If you're talking "Ashland", compadre -- well, sorry, but Lloyd never lived here.
    HOWEVER, he DOES have relatives living here!!

  10. Thank you. I had wondered about that identity thing, on and off, over the years.
    And yes, there is a Main Street, not to be confused with downtown's Winchester. On 29th, near the Blackburn intersection, is the Lamplighter. Been there forever. That is Main Street.
    You have a great site Rock-Relic.

  11. Thanks, anononymouse! Actually, I've been AWOC (absent without cheese) a bit lately due to other works (including my first book, which is actually hand-held and uses no batteries or plug-ins! Imagine ...), but we'll get up-to-speed within a few days.
    Til then, stay tuned ...