Saturday, August 17, 2013

The LLessons of LLoyd LLive On

With year 63 now firmly in place here at Mouse Central and all the cheese crumbs and mouse droppings disposed of (yup ... I clean that teeny little litter pan at least twice a month!), we're ready to re-open the doors (wait a minute until that Lysol kicks in, though).

Actually, I've been gone awhile, working on other projects and setting the course for straight sailing on this 63rd voyage through the Sea of Time (ahh, poetic ... but I have enough back-issues of that blasted magazine that it seems like a sea)!  But, as Lloyd would say, "You don't have to spend a lot of time trying to sail through life if you've got a motorboat!
You've just gotta be that motorboat!"  

Now, we've seen a lot of tragedies on our television sets lately (I mean, beyond that "Housewives of Whereinthe Hills" or "Honey BooBoo".  I mean on the news ... although "honey booboo" sounds like what Yogi Bear says when he offers a favourite food to his partner ...), and these can set us into an emotional tailspin.  Or, as one writer-colleague put it, "It can take the wind out of your sails!"

UNH-unh!!  Remember:  you're a 'motorboat', not an old, creaky sailing ship.  Rev up your motors, get your rudder set, and move through the day with the determination that it's gonna be a good one, no matter what the newspapers, boob tubes or Congressmen say!  Hey ... it's your boat, not theirs, so why should they try to steer it for you?

That pic up there kinda reminds me of the hills around this part of ol' Kain-tuck-ee:  From a distance, they look huuuuge.  When I saw the first one on the way into town, I really wondered whether my Malibubu could actually make it up to the top without either losing my transmission, a tailpipe, or my nerves.  But, the closer I got to them, I found they weren't that big at all!  So, hitching up my belt as well as my nerves, I brought an old saying of my daddy's back to life ("Do it to it and through it!"), took a deep breath ...
then put my hands back on the steering wheel, got back in the incoming lane ... and made it to the top in less than three minutes!

Basically, what I did is follow what Uncle LL taught us, not just in his illllustrious lllife, but in his book, Stuff Happens!  When you face what you fear, head-on and with fullll-speed determination to win, chances are it'llll back down, turn tailll and run for its lllife!  (He alllways wanted us to remember: his name is spelllled with two "LLs", so I've incllluded a few extra here in remembrance ...)

So, as you start the next hour, be sure to grab a big handfulll of belllief, confidence and drive (they set the "rudders" right), then ... start your engines!  You'll find your excursion through the next 60 minutes a lot easier than you thought!  Then try it on the next 60 -- then the next -- until you reach your goal!

I'm talking about your mindset and willpower!  Besides, motorboats don't go uphill too well on dry land here in Kentucky ....
yes, it's been tried ...

Stay tuned ...