Thursday, March 14, 2013

Laptop Luxury?

Well, I finally broke down and did it:
I bought my very first laptop computer.
Now, don't get confused here: I've had a laptop for years - it's been on my thighs every time I sit down (but, at 165 pounds soakin' wet, I'm surely not gonna be playin' mall Santa Claus anytime soon). But this is the first computer-style version I've had.

It's at times like this that I really miss LL. I mean, the man was the Master of the Laptop! For all of you who received emails from him, you know he had that thing so hot that it could've baked cookies if he wanted. But more importantly, he made his online ventures count! From business communiques to fan email, friendly blogs to blogging friends, Uncle Lloyd navigated his portable keyboard like a pro (he told me once it was more like a "labtop", because he was always discovering neat things on it).

Of course, I've got a lot of exploring to do on this little rascal, like how to keep it from changing screens to the webcam when it wants (although the sight of me on camera does keep the cats off the keyboard!).

Speaking of the webcam:

It does work, providing I'm not looking at it, at least! The pic on your right is one I just made a minute ago of my little Shih-Tzu buddy, Rocky (actually, his proper name is Rocket J. Doggy, but, being from West Virginia, he's informal).

It also has all the doodads and whatnots I need to do my articles and books, get up with my accounts and brew coffee (I wish, anyway!).  If I can just get the screen to stop hopping from one to another when I whisk my hand over the pad in front, and possibly get surgery to reduce the size of my hands to accommodate this little cramped keyboard, I'll be alright.

Maybe ...

Stay tuned ...


Awhile back, I was visiting a buddy of mine at a local machine shop.  He'd offered to give me a tour of the place when, suddenly, I heard a grinding sound followed by a tremendous crash on the concrete floor!  He told me that one of the machines wasn't mounted properly and the vibrations ultimately knocked it off-balance.  Needless to say, it not only caused a lot of damage but also set him back a bit because he'd have to buy a new machine.
It was kind of sad, because all he had to do in the first place was to invest in some good, anti-vibration leveling mounts to keep his bench machinery safe.
These mounts are necessary for any machinery you or your company might handle - and, by clicking on that link you just passed, you'll find the widest selection of the most durable and dependable mounts on the market! And you won't have to pay and arm-and-a-leg for them, either! You'll also be able to browse the newest products, clearance items (save more!) and even CAD downloads!
So, if you're in a business (or have a friend) that deals with or relies on machinery (and which business doesn't, really?) click the link up there and find out how you can save time, money - and your machinery - today? Trust me: you won't be disappointed!!

Monday, March 11, 2013


No question about it:

If you were to look up "cool" in the dictionary (no, not the one meaning "not hot". That was my ex-wife. I meant the "other" one, such as in ____, calm and collected), you wouldn't need a lot of fancy, printed words to define it.
A simple pic of our Chief would do.

For any of you who had the opportunity to know Uncle Lloyd, you know exactly what I'm talkin' about.  No matter what the situation, Lloyd Thaxton had the attitude and personality that just conveyed, "Hey ... don't worry about it; everything's gonna be alright!"  With a sly grin and slyer (is that actually a word?  Awww, I'll look it up later ...) wit, he could make you feel like everything's okay in this world of ours, no matter what it looked like to ourselves.

No wonder he had the prettiest girl on the block or elsewhere - the lovely, talented and vivacious Barbara - at his side as his lovely bride (and, lemme tell ya, he absolutely adored that lady! He'd brag about her in so many of our conversations...).
To those who watched the Lloyd Thaxton Show faithfully, this amazing elf (non-Keebler variety) conveyed the same feeling on-screen. In fact, if the show was a Big Mac, his attitude was the secret sauce that made it so tasty (I ... can't ... believe ... I just wrote that line ... sorry.  Must try harder ...)  You just felt comfortable watching it - and, of course, you enjoy everything more if you're comfortable.  Or a Republican.

Of course, there were times when LL could get flustered (such as the Byrds battle, when they insisted on turning their amps up to ear-splitting level on the air) ... but that flustration wouldn't last long.  His view was "if there's a problem, see it, fix it, it's done.  Smile again and keep groovin' ...".

Y'know, that might just be the answer to our Washington woes: : We don't need more Obamas or Boehners or McConnells or their progenies or prodigies.  We need more Lloyd Thaxtons!!  At least people with his style, his personality ... and his attitude,

which was definitely cool ...

Stay tuned ...