Sunday, November 17, 2013

A Bit About Blogging ...

Ahhh, the thrills and chills of having your own "blog" ...

Actually, I've been called on the carpet (that's where my phone ends up half the time; my dogs have learned to rifle through my pockets at night)  for not keeping this one as current as it should be.  But, as John Lennon once said, "Life happens when you're busy making other plans."  Since I'm too young to retire and not smart enough to beat the system, I've still gotta work for a living ...
and that's what's been cutting me back on my blogitizing a bit ..
But, starting today, we're at least gonna congregate here once a week - so you'll get a brand, spankin' new post every Monday morning for now. 

I remember how this "blogging" thing started for me:

Many moons ago - not long after the last dinosaur vanished (but I do wish my ex a good life these days) - my publisher thought it would be a good idea to get a newfangled contraption called a "computer".  He said I could get my work submitted faster, and also meet new people if I stayed on it long enough.

So I waited.  And waited.  Not one soul came by to have coffee or visit ...

"No," he laughed, "you've got to get on the internet."  And then he hooked me up with something called an "ISP" and showed me how to work it (the blasted thing only worked when it wanted to.  It was an old "UASUKKA" model ...).
So there I was, staring at my blank word processor and wondering if I should draw funny faces on it to get people's attention when my cat jumped on the desk and started heaving a furball:

"H-UHHHH ... H-UUUUUAARRRHHHH!!" and finally ...


My face brightened with an epiphany: "A ...BLOG?? Of course! Why didn't I think of that before??"

So it began (er, after cleaning up the keys, natch ...).

It was during those first few ishs that I met and became friends with Lloyd Thaxton (in fact, he sent me the clipping at the bottom of this post). To say that he became an inspiration is like saying the Beatles sang songs ... everyone who knew him can vouch for his positive, encouraging attitude.
In time, we decided to run with an idea that he was tossing around in his mind: A group of misfit mousers (computer-type) coming together in a little kaffeklatsche we ended up calling The Mouse Clique. Many mousers come ... cats stay away ... we make exception if they have guitar ...
Anyway, since I had already published a sorta-popular hard-copy writeup called The Window, we started talkin' plans to build a (in his words) "hand-held new Spaper". We kidded each other about how that little phrase of his had such sellability ... it was bound to be a success!

Of course, both of us had our hands in other things -- he with making a DVD of his show as well as following the sales of his book, Stuff Happens, whilst bein' husband to beautiful Aunt Barbara; me with publishing articles and feeding the cats ... as well as working appearances at pro wrestling shows (as announcer. You don't wanna see me in tights, trust me ...).

Then came that sad day in October, when Uncle Lloyd left us to entertain the angels. Needless to say, the new Spaper never materialized; somehow, working on it just wasn't the same.

But the show had to go on:

In honor of the Chief -- and after conferring with Cuzzin' Gary Belich (our esteemed secretary in the Mouse Clique) and beautiful Aunt Barbara -- I continued the group here, at this blog.

There's one thing that set LL off from the rest of the celebrities - and we, his loyal fans and friends, are all thankful for it - and it's that he took time to be with us!  All too often, you'll find these so-called "stars" too "busy" or just wanting to hang with their "own" or whatever.  But Lloyd Eugene Thaxton had a sincere appreciation and love for each and every one of his fans!  He told me once that he was just a person like everybody else - nothing special; just a man with a God-given talent to make others smile.  In short, he was "one of us" - and wouldn't've had it any other way.  He loved to hear from his fans - and responded to as many as he could, either by comments on his own blog or by personal email.

So, as we open up the Mouse House (and subsequent membership into the Clique, pursuant to the Rules of the Cheese) to the masses (and the misters, if they behave ...), I've closed all my other blogs and continuing this one in the style and memory of one of America's most-beloved elves - the legend whom I'm proud to have called "friend" and "mentor":  LLOYD THAXTON ...
Stay tuned ...

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