Friday, May 31, 2013

Here's Why I Was Gone ...

Just in case you were wondering  ...

Over the past few weeks, I've been neck-deep in research and study to produce my new e-book, Leave Me Alone!  Now, whilst these blogs of mine usually emit some strrrraaannnnge sounds  (er, I mean, humour and music), this particular one is set up to introduce you to the book itself.
So bear with me for a couple of minutes, okay?

You see, a couple of weeks ago, I was in the midst of an early draft of this book when word came from NY that a youngster had hanged herself due to the effects of cyber-bullying.  Of course, something like that could tear anybody up - but it made me realise that I had to pour a little more horsepower into this script and get it done.  I mean, before any other youngster were hurt that deeply ...

So everything was on hold whilst I burnt the midnight oil (and myself twice by coffee that was accidentally knocked into my lap. I think my cat did that deliberately just so he could hear my 'dude-who-swallowed-helium' impression!) to get the book finished.
Today, it's available online and ... well, here are the details:

In the ebook, Leave Me Alone! How To Stop Being Bullied At Either School or Work, readers will find ways to either stop the bullying or minimize its impact on themselves or other victims.  In it, you'll find sections devoted to both school and workplace bullying (including a vital worksheet for students!), information for parents, proposals for schools and much more!
Most sections have segments called So What Can You Do? that outline specific plans to help the victims, whether in school or in the workplace, to overcome the bullying.

The book also has a full bibliography, encouragement for school-aged victims - even  proposed "game plans" for schools that, up to now, don't have anti-bullying measures implemented.  You'll also find facts and figures about the extent of bullying that might surprise you.

It's available in .epub (Kindle® ), .prc  (e-book formatted .PDF) and standard .PDF.  Click here or on the pic at the start of this post and, when purchased, you'll be transferred to the site where you can choose and download the one you want. In fact, you can download all three formats for the one single price of just $2.99!

A great buy ... for a great reason ...
Now, that being said, we'll continue with our regular madness in our next ish ... so
stay tuned!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Two LL's for Uncle Lloyd ...

When I started promoting the return of TMC (not the TV channel), a question that kept popping up was "Why did he (Lloyd) spell his name with two 'LL's?" In fact, though this is a re-post from 1938, I was asked that question again last night at our neighbourhood Wally World (it was preceded by that famous conversation-starter, "Will you please get your @!*& buggy off my foot?").

Well, Llord onlly knows why follks name their llads with doublle LLlls! Llike my llongtime friend Ron Ryan tolld me, though, it's Wellsh in origin. (In case yer wondering and according to my llocall grocer, my own name [Chuck] is apparently cow in origin.)

Now, that photo up there reminds me of one of Uncle Lloyd's famous llip synchs. As you know, the man was an expert at miming the greats (be careful with that word, Chucky; remember: an "ex" is a has-been, and a "spurt" is a drip under pressure. The Chief was neither of those ...).
He'd gone to stage right, and, guitar in hand while sitting on a simple stool, soulfully waded into Bob Dylan's super-long Desolation Row (from his Highway 61 Revisited album. It was about 11 minutes, as I recall ...).
He was a few minutes into "Row" when there was the scheduled two-minute commercial break. Cutting back into the show, and there was Uncle LL ...
still playing the song (now, remember: this was all live-time, so he'd kept going while the camera was off)!
By now, the lights had been cut, old newspaper blew past him (they had a wind machine doing the honors off-camera) ... all set to make it look like everybody'd closed up and gone home!
Not only was the bit hilarious, but it showed that Lloyd knew how to milk the song's length to make it even funnier!

Now, remember to invite all the mousies you know to join us every day at the Mouse House ... in honor of Lloyd, good times and great music ... and ...

Stay tuned ...

Monday, May 6, 2013

The Volks Are In (The Beat Goes On)

That magazine cover on your left introduced millions of teens to the wonderful world of rock and roll (well, it was a little bigger than that picture. Otherwise, the print would've been too tiny to read!).

But see that innocent-looking dude in the upper left corner?  (Y'know, come to think about it, I never asked him why he was in the middle of a bull's eye in that pic!)
That was the guy who made rockin' fun - the Pied Piper Man himself (and the Clique's beloved Commander-In-Cheese), Lloyd Thaxton!

And when you saw his name on the original, wholesome, fab, accept-no-substitutes Tiger Beat!® teen 'zine, you knew you were in for the best of everything rock.  Uncle Lloyd would add just enough zaniness to have you drooling over every article (the paper coulda been just a tad bit thicker so the slobber wouldn't penetrate) - and those "ripping" sounds you'd hear across America were kids ever-so-carefully tearing out pics of their faves so mom and dad wouldn't get on them for messing up the magazine.

But I said all that to tell you this:

Lloyd often promoted the legendary  Paul Revere and the Raiders in his action-packed issues.  The band mixed the absolute best of rock with the funniest on-(and often off-)stage antics to make the perfect act!  Mix in super-good looks (Mark Lindsay. Swoon. Need I say more?), and ... well, it's no wonder they had more airtime than any other performer on television other than Lawrence Welk!

But the one who brought an instant, "feel-good" smile to teen's faces (and made millions of girls' hearts skip a beat or two) was their lively bassist/vocalist Phil "Fang" Volk.  His enthusiasm was contagious, his sense of humor refreshing - but don't kid yourself: this guy could out-play and out-sing any other rocker (some said he'd even give that McCartney guy a run for his money)!

Fast-forward to 2013.  Drake (guitarist) and Smitty (drummer) have left this world to serenade the angels.  Mark is working shows on occasion.  Paul fronts a "new" group of Raiders who, whilst good, will (in my opinion) never match up to the "originals".
And "Fang"???
The man's busier than ever - and has a phenomenememenal fan base that spans from coast-to-coast, including a number of them on Facebook®!  He's been playing shows with his beautiful wife Tina Mason (whom he met when the band were headlining Dick Clark's Where The Action Is!) and their lovely and talented daughters.  He's also recorded a heart-stopping, turbo-charged version of Dylan's classic, The Times They Are A-Changin', and is quite busy with many other endeavours. 
But he's still as lively and witty as ever, with a positive attitude that matches Uncle Lloyd's, and looks fantastic!

Of course, his fans (especially the new ones!) are "Hungry" for whatever pics and info they can find on Phil.  The first place they all want to go is to Fang's website, or they'll check his name through search engines.

But many of them are remembering Uncle Lloyd's Tiger Beat® magazine and those who still have copies are even putting a few of Phil's pics online (I took the one on the left from a copy that Lloyd sent me a few years ago)!
And that also creates new interest in the man who made the magazine famous.  Lloyd Thaxton and The Raiders (naaah ... it doesn't have the same ring; but I was talkin' about them separately) were so much alike in that, despite having different careers in entertainment, truly knew the meaning of the word - and lived it with everything they had!

Now, if you get a chance, check out "Fang's" site up there, and by all means, take in his show when they come to your area!  Doesn't matter if you take a bus, cab, ride with a friend or take a boat (unless you're in Arizona, in which case you're up the creek!), but you're (wait ... they do have creeks there, don't they?? Scratch earlier remark, then ...).  I promise you'll leave feeling happier and brighter than you did before you walked in!
Phil has that wonderful effect on people ....

Stay tuned ...