Saturday, April 20, 2013

Lessons From A Tragedy

WHEW! Lord, don't give us any more weeks like last one's, alright??

I mean, it seems we've seen the worst in just about everything over the past 168 hours - and, outside the wacky weather woes and a terrible explosion in West, Texas (not the direction - it's a town near Waco), it all seems to have reflected what Dr. Martin Luther King called "man's inhumanity to man."
But, then, Lord, we also saw our best:

The police, government ... and, above all,  citizens ... of  Boston, Cambridge, and Watertown, Massachusetts.

Under the guiding eyes of Mayor Tom Menino (whose 20th year as head of Boston will be on July 12), Governor Deval Patrick of Massachusetts (undoubtedly, the coolest gov a state could ever want) and with the prayers and support of President Obama along with millions of other Americans, these awesome people hunted down and captured the surviving suspect in Monday's tragic Boston Marathon bombing (the other was killed in a shootout earlier in the day).

 Now, it's kinda hard for us to get our head around the fact that, once again, we were under a terrorist's attack; after all, we thought we had that 'nipped in the bud' after 9/11.  But 4/15 took a tremendous toll, brought back those still-fresh memories ... yet also reminded us of what we, as Americans, are all about:

Our faith's intact,  Upon hearing of the tragedy and the ensuing deaths and injuries, so many of us took to our knees, figuratively or literally and in our own beliefs and faiths, to pray, meditate or send the warmest vibrations to those physically affected by the bombings.  Our churches, synagogues and meetings did the same.

Our hearts are united.  We lowered our flags to half-staff, both in our yards, churches and schools - and in our hearts.. All social-media posts reflected our solidarity in sadness ...

Our hands are outstretched to help.   We had a determination to help not only the affected families but also to find those responsible for this madness..  5K and 10K runs - "mini-marathons" - are still being staged to raise funds to help the families (through reputable charities, of course.  At this point, 'scams' only would make us more irate).

Most of all, our determination that this will never happen again on our watch is strong!  This is what makes America rebound from calamity!

Incidentally, as we have gone through this together - and, as one, rejoiced that the remaining terrorist has been captured - didja notice something?

Whilst NBC/CBS/CNN/HLN/ABC/ASPCA reported the events from Monday through now (yes, even the ASPCA reported the capture!), not even one mention of North Korea and its idiocy?  For a few days, they took a backseat (much to the chagrin of their media-hungry boss, Kim the Young'un).

Meanwhile, both Dummicats and Repelicans kept their whiny, tales-outta-school attitudes to themselves and acted as one - as Americans, and not snotty-nosed schoolkids!

After the perp was arrested, someone said "America's finally got its stroke back - it's got its 'mojo' workin' again!"  Sorry to burst your balloon, bunky, but, truth to tell, IT NEVER LEFT!!   

And it never WILL!!!

ONE MORE NOTE:  What we've done in pouring our love and support all over the Boston/Cambridge/Watertown areas should now be duplicated - focused on helping the victims of the West, Texas explosion that took so many lives and injured scores of others.  I know we have enough left in us to send their way as well ... and I know we will.  Because we care. Because we can.  Because we're ...

stay tuned ...

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