Sunday, July 29, 2012

Uncle Lloyd's Greatest Message

For years, we of the Clique-and-beyond looked forward to getting home from work so we could get the latest thoughts from Uncle Lloyd and his blog. Whether we agreed 100% with him on everything or not (and disagreements were rarer than Vitalis™ in a headbanger's dressing room!), we loved every minute we "visited" with him.

Then, of course, we had the Good Book (I mean, Stuff Happens, of course). Between him and John Alston, we felt as though he really was our favorite uncle, showing us better ways to deal with life's challenges.

Yes, there were those of us who remember his segments on both The Today Show and Fight Back! In the latter, he gave us a lotta boss info on all kinds of goodies to make our Wal-Mart® shopping easier (if we'd had the store back then. As far as shopping there -- and with apologies to Clark Howard -- I still have to ask myself "Why??").

It goes without saying that his most memorable achievement to many boomers was The Lloyd Thaxton Show (now, why'd I say that?? Didn't I say it "goes without saying"?? Oh, NOW I remember ... we do have post-boomer mousers on board here). He brought the message of good times and rock-and-roll to our homes every weekday at 5 PM.

But the greatest message that Uncle Lloyd conveyed wasn't in his show, or in his book, or in his other shows.

It was found in the soul and heart that he shared with each and every one of us. When he had something bearing on his mind, or when he really felt great about something, when he was reminiscing -- or even when he was "up against the wall" with cancer -- he was still the epitome of hope, smiles, and an attitude that just grinned a big "Everything's gonna be all right. C'mon ... let's have some fun while we're here ..."

A cautious optimism? Confidence? A habit of being upbeat?? Let's face it: Uncle Lloyd just had a tremendous love of life and all that was in it! And, in his too-short time with us, he tried showing us, through his words and actions, that "Hey ... it isn't gonna BITE ya! ENJOY life!! It really ROCKS!!"

Chief, we're still learning ... but, then again, we had a great teacher ...

stay tuned ...

Hey ... Did Anybody Find Lloyd's Car??

Over the next few, we'll be running some of your favourite posts from TMC. Right now, I'm bogged down with a serious sinus infection (not to be confused with a joking sinus infection, y'know ...), but we'll get back up-to-speed here shortly. Til then, enjoy ...

CLIQUERS!! HAVE YOU SEEN Lloyd's candy-apple red Hot Rod??

Let me quote the Chief from his April 15, 2006 post:

"Now this wasn’t just any old HOT ROD. This was a hot rod built and designed by famed custom car designer and builder George Barris. Barris designed the 'Batmobile' for the Batman TV series, 'The Munster’s Koach,' and hundreds of other fantastic custom cars for movies. He is 'The King of Kustom.'

The George Barris designed Lloyd Thaxton Hot Rod was a 1930 Model A, using a big Buick engine with MT manifold and carbs. The Body was channeled 10" over the frame for lower effect. It was painted with a kandy apple red paint job with black leather interior. It was really 'boss.'"

During one of his early shows ('62 or '63, pre-LTS. It was a 90-minute show he did for KCOP in L.A.), he awarded the car to some lucky winner (LL didn't know who it was, but, man, was he [or she] luck-EEEEE!!)

So, Cliquers, if you know or can find out who won the Lloyd Thaxton Hot Rod, let me know. He'd been searching for that HOT (forgive me, Paris Hilton, but I hadta use that word!), Kandy-Apple Red number for years. As he said, "I just hope the guy who won it is still driving it or, at the least, has it mounted on his bedroom wall (I wanted to do that with my bike but I didn’t have the nerve)."


When Lloyd sent me a couple of 'toons by Jerry Van Amerongen (Ballard Street was his favorite), I couldn't help laughing. Not just because they were funny (which they were) or that the dude actually had me pegged (except for the wisp of hair, the weight and the age), but because, at the time he sent them, I was actually living on Ballard Street in Ashland, Kentucky!!

Someday, I hope to live up to the character shown in the pic on the right ...

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Meet ... OLIN MELTON!!

???? What's a country singer doing on this blog??
Well, it's for one reason:  Olin Melton rocks!!!   (and remember: Uncle Lloyd's lovely daughter, Jennifer Weatherly, is a renowned country superstar overseas. So there!!)
You see, Olin and I grew up in Pineville, N.C. -- in fact, he was part of my band, Hy-Que, at one time (he played with us at the ill-fated talent show of 1967, where we were knocked out of first place by Pam Baumgardner's PJ and the Majestics). 
Today, he's making Austin, Texas home -- and thrilling audiences across the Lone Star State with a sound that's as smooth and welcome as warm maple syrup poured over a mess of pancakes on a cool Sunday mornin'

Actually, he's one of two Pineville boys who are makin' waves in the country music world: the other (who also picked with me back-in-the-day) is Jett Eller.  Now, whilst I'm honoured to be working with the best country ever to come outta the UK in Mike Lane, PaperFaces, Matt Hardy, Lookback and the legend himself, Phil "Fang" Volk, this is the first time I've had the pleasure of introducing my own hometown friends and former bandmates to the mix. 
So, beginning next week and amongst new videos of these other great acts, I hope to bring you more on this awesome performer and gentleman!  Oh ... and if you're on Facebook, you'll wanna "friend" him for sure!  


This week marked the first and last time one of the world's most popular bands played a live show.  They were three years apart -- and, no, it wasn't that band you see on your left.  I just threw them in here to throw you off-track a bit (PS: those guys did make it big, though ...). 
Sooo ... which band was it??

We all remember the great Elvis' big Comeback Special on NBC (hey ... wasn't that the last big show the Peacock Network had??  Just wondering ...).
Now, there were two things about this show that stood out:  One had to do with the set (in this case, meaning the songs for the show), and the other with his fans in the audience.  Can you tell me why they were different? 

One more:  Whilst Paul Revere and the Raiders saw their hit, Good Thing, enter the "Hot 100" of the Billboard charts (finally peaking at #4; these guys were thoroughly Solid Gold, though!) in 1966, an old and pleasantly unusual song hit the charts and made it all the way to #1.  BONUS!!  If you know the name of the song, then tell me:  Which TV commercial borrowed the song and altered the lyrics to fit its product??

Okay, troops ... whilst you're trying to figure that out, I'm gonna slip away for a few and get some lunch (want me to bring ya BACK anythinggggg??).  Until later this evening (or early AM EST US tomorrow), remember:
Keep your eyes on the skies, your feet on the ground, your heart with the music ...
and I'll see ya on the flip side!!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

What's In A Name??

Okay, dudes and dudettes ... since ya dig yer music, let's see how sharp you are on the bonafide names behind the acts! This is the first of a coupla quizzes where you (yes, you! 'Sides, I got the list ... so I already know!) figure out the stage monikers of the following people.
Oh, yeah ... this does include some that are obvious, a few kinda- newbies on the radio, and acts from pop, blues and even country as well. You'll even find the great Sophie Tucker in there somewhere! Drop me a line when ya get 'em done. I'll include the answers in the next post ... along with a new list:

1. James Marcus Smith:
2. Concetta Maria Franconero:
3. Virginia Patterson Hensley:
4. Robert Smith:
5. Steveland Judkins:
6. Muriel Deason:
7. Harold Jenkins:
8 Randy Traywick:
9. Sophia Kalish:
10. Annie Mae Bullock:
11. Harold Ragsdale:
12. La Donna Andrea Gaines:
13. Gregory Lenoir:
14. Patricia Andrzejewski:
15. Salvatore Phillip Bono:
16. Ernest Evans:
17. Cherilyn Sarkasian:
18. William Board:
19. Frank LoVecchio:
20. Sidney Liebowitz:
21. Brenda Mae Tarpley:
22. Norma Egstrom:
23. Albert George Cernick:
24. Prince Rogers Nelson:
25. John Henry Ramistella:
26. Martin David Robinson:
27. Reginald Dwight:
28. Peter Baker:
29. Leonard Borizoff:
30. Jape Perry Richardson:
31. John Symon Asher:
32. Don Van Vliet:
33. Lugee Sacco:
34. Declan McManus:
35. Vito Rocco Farinola:
36. George O'Dowd:
37. Pauline Matthews:
38. Mary Frances Pennick:
39. Doris Kappelhoff:
40. Howard Andrew:
41. Frank Abelson:
42. McKinley Morganfield:
43. Lloyd Thaxton:

One more little tidbit: Total Guitar Magazine has reported the ultimate guitar solo is Zep's Stairway to Heaven. Here's how the voting went:

Top 10 Guitar Solos
1. Led Zeppelin - Stairway to Heaven
2. Van Halen - Eruption
3. Guns N' Roses - Paradise City
4. The Eagles - Hotel California
5. Metallica - Enter Sandman
6. Cream - Crossroads
7. Jimi Hendrix - Voodoo Child (Slight Return)
8. Ozzy Osbourne - Crazy Train
9. Free - All Right Now
10. Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody

Any disputes, corrections or additions?

Until next time, keep your eyes on the skies, your feet on the ground, your ears to the radio (by the way, did I mention that John Hall -- just-retired U.S. Representative from New Yawk -- is the same one who played guitar for Orleans?) ... and I'll see ya on the flip side ...