Monday, January 30, 2012

WHO'S Groovin'??

In this post, let's explore a little of the WHOOooooDlums in the '60s rock world. Nawww, I don't mean bad dudes ... I'm talkin' about the quidzillionz of acts that used those three letters in their name to get some swag!

Let's see ... ya had ... well, ya had "The WHO", the UK's famous screaminig, guitar-bashing, windmill-chopping, mike-swinging group with a wildcat drummer. They set the stage for My Generation.

Then, others jumped on board. The Guess Who (with Chad Allan) got us Shakin' All Over, while the Wonder Who? did a falsetto, uptown version of Dylan's Don't Think Twice.

'Course, that last group of Whosers were actually a leeeeeetleknown,teeeeninsey act called the Four Seasons (it was an attempt to see if they could churn out a hit anononononymously (Geez ... there I go again!)

AAAAAHHH! But then ya had a REAL no-namer ... a group calling itself You Know Who, who made a near-scratch with the rocker Roses Are Red (not the Bobby Vinton classic!).  These guys were garbed in masks, capes ... and they weren't even superheroes (though one did look suspiciously like Robin, The Boy Wonder ...)
One of my faves, though, was a local group down in hometown Charlotte -- in fact, it was a rival for in-town gigs (though they kinda/sorta ... well, dragged ... in performance). They called themselves The WHAT?. Why? When I found out who they were, how they got together, and where they jammed, I sat in a few times outta curiosity (HEY!! I just got all six major questions in that one sentence!!) I think they retired their "music" when they found out Shoney's was hiring dishwashers ...

Well, that's it for this edition. If you remember any other WHOsiers, lemme know. They can be local, regional, national, or a play on names. But they've gotta be, or have been, real!


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Monday, January 23, 2012


Now, this is interesting (and, I’ve gotta say, refreshing!):
60 per cent of 16-24 year olds would rather go without sex than music for a week, and the numbers increased to 70 per cent for 16-19 year olds!
Marrakesh Records and Human Capital surveyed 1,000 15-24 year-olds highlighting how important music is to young people.
In a three-month period, 75 per cent have watched a music video online, 70 per cent bought a CD, 62 per cent played music on their phone, 52 per cent had paid for a music download and 45 per cent had played music on their games console.

Radio is still the favourite medium for hearing about new bands (this is according to 67 percent of those surveyed. 63 percent said they listened to recommendations from friends and 49 preferred music channels like MTV (rather, like MTV was. Lately, it’s turned more to “reality” shows and less videos).

YouTube is obviously the most popular site to find new music, according to 38 percent of the age group that was studied.  In 2008, MySpace followed at 15 percent. Next was Facebook at 8 percent with NME and rounding out the sites at just 4 percent.  But here it is, four years later, and MySpace is virtually EmptySpace as far as visitors go, whilst Facebook has made remarkable gains.

But getting back to those first couple of lines up there:  It sort of shoots down that notion that "modern music's bad for ya, doesn't it?  I mean, the music is changing kids' morality ... not a bunch of government regulations!  But the fact that the music's a catalyst for changin' for young people's moral actions -- well, it kinda feels good, doesn't it??


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Okay … that’s it for this edition, but stay tuned; there’ll be more in less than 24! Soooo …
I’ll see ya on the flip side …

Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Few Links Not Missing ...

Before we get into the new stuff (beginning Monday), I wanna share, with all you readers (WAIT! If you're not reading this, how would you know?? And why am I talking to you if you're not reading? Geez ... c'mon, Chuck ... pull it allll together, now)

Anyway, I just wanted to share some cool links that some of you have sent in. It'll keep ya busy until Monday (and you'll enjoy them too, I'll bet!!):

Here's one on "disappointing facts about popular music"! Listen ... take this with a grain of salt, alright?? "Facts" are one thing -- but music is what ya feel inside, so don't let the stuff from this Buzzfeed get you down, k?

So ya think you're smart? Try this test! (Again, remember that it's not really accurate; after all, there's a lot more needed than these quick-and-easy-pen-and-paper tests to check "I.Q." In fact, it's a fact that your true intelligence quotient couldn't be measured unless someone was measuring you in every circumstance you encountered, and for a full year (at least!)!

Hey ... remember the cool sounds of 1966? Well, here ya go with a few of 'em!

Now, who out there likes the Big Band sounds that came outta the 1940's, with Miller, Goodman and the bunch? Now ... reminisce with a few of them.

Or maybe your taste is for the old television shows, so just click here (sorry ... remote not included ...)

Born in the 1950's, like the Electric Eagle? Then maybe you'll remember these

Of course, what were the Fifties without those classic Westerns, right?

Introducing Charlotte, NC's first "hard-rock" band, circa 1966 (now reunited) The Young Ages! (first "hard-rock" band in Charlotte, 1966)

Now, for all you who dig cookies and want recipes for your favourite, here ya go: You'll have cookies 'til the cows come home! (but don't worry, just let 'em graze ... cows don't like cookies, so you're safe! lol)

Now, I'm gonna switch over and simulcast this on the other blog, so until we get together this Monday-if-not-earlier-and-there's-no-breaking-news WHEW!!)

Stay tuned ...

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Best Guitar Lesson ...

I ran this post a long while back, but I've been asked to repeat it here and on Beyond The Rock. And whilst I'm compiling new material for the blogs, I thought it'd be a good way to officially start the 2012 edition of both blogs:

Years ago, when I was just barely into my teens, my dad came home from work carrying a battered, old guitar. He knew I wanted to learn to play one – I’d seen folk groups, country acts – even some new group called “The Beatles” playing them, and it looked like so much fun. In fact, while these performers were on TV, I’d watch carefully for the close-up shots, and (using a baseball bat as a “guitar”) I’d mimic their fingering, position of the chords and timing.  (PS  Thanks to ultracool Kenny Hogan for the use of the pic on your left.  Other than the shirt, hair and face, the kid looks just like me! lol)

When he gave me the acoustic guitar, I sat down and, propping it up on my knee, began to position my fingers on the neck, just as I had seen the performers do. Certainly, I was going to be the next Elvis. But he did something that I’ll remember to my dying day: He took a big, calloused hand, put it over the fingerboard and stopped me from playing! Then he said, “Son, wait a minute. Let me tell you a little story:

You see, Life’s a lot like that old guitar you’ve got, especially when it’s time to pay your dues. And, just like the sounds you can make on that guitar, the ones you make in life is entirely up to you. We can’t stop you from framming away at it like an off-tune madman any more than we can stop you from playing beautiful music. When you get to be an adult, it’s going to be the same thing when you’re ‘out there’ in the real world. Nobody can stop you; it’s your choice as to what type of ‘music’ you give them.

Now, you see those strings, and how you’re holding them down with your fingertips? Each note is meant to create harmony with each other. That's your goal in life, son … learn to place each thing you do …each step you take … so it’ll be in harmony with mankind. Otherwise, just like with the guitar, you’re gonna make such a noise that nobody’ll want to hear you. ”I listened intently; this was good stuff! Then he continued,“ And, by and by, you’ll learn how to sing with that guitar – maybe even write a few tunes yourself.

When you do, remember that a simple tune does better when the words are from the heart. Make them easy for people to learn … to keep in their mind. And you’re painting a picture with each one. Son, remember to do the same thing in your everyday doings, and you’ll make friends and be happier than you ever thought.

And that ‘song’ that you sing … the one you show everyday in your actions … will be the one that’ll go ‘number one’ with your friends and others. Just leave the lyrics open to your brother’s and sister’s point of view, and they’ll be humming that song long after you’ve gone.

Now … let’s hear you play …”

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

How To Wake Up A Teenager

NOTE: This post originally ran in one of my other blogs, but is repeated here by request of some fab LL fans who just happen to be parents of some very sleepy teenagers:

Okay, I'll admit it: I've been partly responsible for the duplication of male Hinsonites on this planet, as was my father before me.

These small creatures move about within the female as they form and, upon their first appearance on their planet, come complete with extension cord (I think doctors call them umbilical these days, but who are they fooling?  Everybody knows that babies are still attached to their mums until they reach 35).  As one new parent told me back in '97, it would've been nice if God had added an instruction book along with the newborn ...
and it would've been nice if there'd been a chapter, later on in the book, on how to wake up a teenager who refuses to get up when called!

But there are some parents who, realising that there's no such book, can still find ways of making that happen.  My daddy was no exception ... in fact he was the master of wake-up calls.  So, for you who read this, take notes: I'm about to share some of his strategies for forcing us mini-Hinsons to face the morning:

(1)  First, the teens have to be asleep.  It's hard to awaken anyone who isn't asleep.

(2)  Be sure you have the following equipment:
A glass of ice water.
Your dog (withhold food from him for at least 24 hours to achieve maximum effect).
A neurotic cat.  
A stock of ribbon (aka Chinese) firecrackers.
Last but not least, your neighbour's Great Dane.

These should be applied accordingly, and in sequence as necessary (not all at once.  You want the child to wake up ... not have a heart attack):

(1) Pick up glass of ice water, place in pitching position.  Provide fair warning to awaken.  Then s-l-o-w-l-y count to three and, if they're still in bed, pitch just enough water on them to get their attention (NOTE: not the ice.  You don't want to knock them out accidentally.  That would defeat your purpose ...)

(2) Mornings later, as they begin to catch on and pull the covers over their heads, pitch dog and cat on the bed. For added effect, smear cat with bacon grease ...
If said dog and cat can not be found and child has new stereo headphones and iPad, he has probably gotten advance notice of your plan and sold both pets ...

(3) Should that not work or if you don't have a dog or cat, take ribbon firecrackers, light quickly, then throw them on the foot of his bed. Stand back. 
When firecrackers are done and smoke clears, come back into the room.  Bring toilet paper with you ... the kid just might need it ...

(4) Should all else fail, lead neighbour's Great Dane quietly into the bedroom (now, I know that sounds impossible, but go with me on this ...). Place dog at the head of your teen's bed, next to the pillow, with its muzzle directly pointing at the teen's face. Yell "YOUR GIRLFRIEND'S (or "BOYFRIEND", depending on teen's gender) ON THE PHONE!" ... and watch the fun!
This works even better if the teen has a nasty hangover ...

*In (3) and (4), you'll possibly find your child becoming closer to God than ever before, as he asks Him to condemn you (well, not in that exact word, but ... well, you get the idea ...).  Please overlook this ... it's just a reflex action that the child loses once he's old enough to ask for money or car keys.

Hey ... how do ya think I got into the habit of waking up at 6:30 AM, huh??

(NOTE:  In the mid-'60s, these were actual methods that my dad used to wake us up.  The cat was "Willie", a lean-and-mean Siamese; the dog was "Putt-Putt", our tail-less terrier; the ribbon firecrackers -- well, we never did know where he got those; the Great Dane belonged to our neighbours across the street, the Satterfields.  
And before anybody gets the notion that daddy was 'cruel', let me say that he ALWAYS made sure everything was safe and non-toxic.  And these were only used if we REFUSED to get up (and until we got wise and started sleeping in the basement with the doors locked! lol)
In truth, Eola Hinson was the most loving dad a kid could ever have -- BUT ... he was a practical joker.  We were NEVER harmed with these, and, in fact, joined in the laughter [after the initial shock wore off].  And we now cherish those memories ...)

Stay tuned ... more in about 24 ...

Friday, January 6, 2012

Give The Cats A Hand!

Since, in the last post, I talked about cats ...
God bless Kabuki. If the rest of my cats were the Real McCoys, he was "Grandpappy Amos". Sadly, he's no longer with me ... but that Fateful Day could've been a lot earlier in his illustrious life

Y'see, a few years ago, I had a panful of boiling grease -- the result of frying up a package of bacon . As I was transferring the grease to a trap at the side of the sink, he ran in front of me. Now, the handle of the pan was kinda loose, and was just about to come off -- and I knew the entire, scalding-hot mess would douse K-Cat!

So, instead of seeing him fatally burned, I pushed the handle down in a snap, and took the entire load of it on my left hand!

Now, I'm not gonna say it hurt, but it was at that very moment that I found I could dance a very mean Watusi. In fact, the steps weren't duplicated again until years later, when I slipped on some cat poop ...

I ran to the fridge, jerked open the freezer door with my good hand and stuck the parboiled one in a big bag of ice. Then I took the bag out, poured it into a pot I had on the stove and carried it to the coffee-table in the living room (yes, I had to take my already-swollen paw outta the ice to do it. My reaction to the immense pain resulted in five new curse words added to the Merriam-Webster® dictionary ...). I laid down on the sofa and stuck my hand in the pot. The relief was overwhelming -- and I shortly fell asleep.
But ...
two hours later, I awoke (hand still in the ice) to find my cats had gathered around on the sofa and table -- staring at my crotch (I could swear that the smallest were giggling. K-Cat and the others just shook their heads in disbelief ...).
So it's not just warm water that loosens the ol' bladder, eh?? Gotta make a note ...

Two Tylenol®, a bottle of peroxide (poured, not drank) and an ace-bandage later, the pain was still so bad that I went to the local ER to be checked out. Two hours passed -- I was down to the last two buttons of my shirt. I'd already chewed the rest of them off -- and the doctor came to look at it.
"You need to have somebody take a look at it," he said. He meant someone called a reconstructive surgeon. I was just hoping he'd have come back with a hatchet and cut the darn thing off.

Instead, I drove to the pharmacy (he did prescribe medication to ease the pain. What, exactly, is "arsenic", anyway? ...), and they gave me a jar of some kind of cream to put on it as well. Of course, I was to keep it bandaged afterward ...

The next few days were ... well, eventful. Now, I also had two dogs who were very well-trained. All I had to do is give a simple command like sit, stay, flush and they'd do it.

But, once, I walked into the computer room to try my hand (literally!) on the Compaq®, when I accidentally hit my bandaged-but-still-throbbing hand against the doorsill.
Now, I'm not gonna repeat what I said (and, yes, I did ask forgiveness) -- but it was too late; the dogs had heard me and, when I turned around, the hall was filled with little brown poops!

NOTE: Whilst the second-and-third degree burns apparently had done enough damage to warrant reconstruction, I chose against it. It healed perfectly, and today I have total use of the hand. Miracle?? Therapy?? The "miracle" was courtesy the Great Physician, but the best therapy I received was from loving cats gently rubbing against the bandaged hand, purring ... and tender doggy-licks from deep brown eyes that gazed up at me as if to say, Daddy, you're gonna be alright ...
and, by the way: thanks for smearing the back of your bandage with peanut-butter!

Stay tuned for more in 24 ...

Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Great Bath of 2012

I've gotta admit that, next to pouring a pan of boiling bacon grease over my hand, there's nothing I love more than bathing one of my cats. And, recently, I had the privilege of providing a de-gooing to the Great Persian Powerhouse, Val. After all, I'd given other cats their royal dunking before, so it couldn't be that hard. Besides, Valiant has style ... he has personality ...

he has claws that would make Freddie Kreuger's look harmless.

So I ran the water, got the shampoo ready, then grabbed the forklift to pick up the Big Kehuna. When we got to the bathroom, I picked him up and gently put him back feet in the water.
Then, I went outside, climbed on the roof, grabbed and took him back to the bathroom for just a couple of minutes whilst I ran downstairs for a few other supplies.

Long, thick coat. Check. Construction-workers' gloves. Check. Insurance policy. Check. Band-Aids, Styptic Pencil, Cell Phone with 911 on Speed Dial. Check. Everything's set.
So I pulled the Darth Vader mask over my face and picked him up to go into the tub.
He didn't want to go -- in fact, he jumped up on my head, knocked off that handy mask I had on and, as heavy as he was, knocked me into the tub, head-first!
Embarrassed, I pulled myself out -- and noticed I apparently had a Jheri-curl on my forehead! I couldn't believe it!
I looked into the mirror to admire it ... only to find out it was the cat, sitting on the top of my head, with his tail hanging over my forehead. He did not want that bath!!
(Incidentally, if you're wondering what the Persian Powerhouse looks like: That's him in the pic on your right ...) 

Anyway: Finally -- after a lot of last-minute yell ... er, negotiations, some sneaky shampoo work, and five Band-Aids® applied when he pulled my glove off in the water (and two where he hung into my scalp), I finished the job and started to dry him off. To help with the drying (and to get some fresh air in the bathroom), I opened the door.
Then, I went outside, climbed on the roof, and ... wait. He could dry better there, I guess ...
So I picked him up, took him back inside, went back upstairs to put another roll of toilet paper on the dispenser (the other was scattered around me, some with my blood), fix the bathroom curtain. replace the shower curtain ... and clean up the piles of poop (after all that, I'm still not sure whether it was his or mine ...).

Then, mission accomplished, I went back downstairs, took off my gear, and just settled back to watch the 11 PM News ...

(PS  Yes, I did stretch the truth a little up there ... well, with the exception of the scratches ... and my own "dunking" ... and he only got as far as the front door ... but, if it brought a few smiles or a chuckle, then it served its purpose.
Now ... for the rest of 2012, just remember how those smiles/chuckles felt, and remember to repeat them regularly throughout the year, okay??  And Happy Twenty-Dozen (2012)!!)


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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy 2012, Everybody!

Well, here we are in a brand new year (I think everybody's covered now, right? East Coast to West? UK? Podunk. Good ... we're set, then ...) so, for those who don't have a terrific hangover on this first day of January 2012, let's get started (the rest of you can get somebody to read it to you -- softly!):


Remember the "resolutions" that everybody makes-and-breaks-eventually on the Big Day? Well, we're no exception -- except we won't be breaking ours (besides, y'all-add-Santa-Claus are watching me, so I've gotta be good to my word, right?).
And what "resolutions" we have to work with! First of all:
  • We're going to gear up both blogs up reflect the music, issues and happenings of that little group known as baby-boomers ... BUT ... we'll also be talking about stuff that all generations can use. So, if you have something you'd like to see discussed here, the lines are open (MAN, I wish I could hear that at Wal-Mart® ... just once!) -- just email me here, okay? Be sure to include an SASE for quicker response ...
  • Of course, we're not going to forget what brought us to the dance, right? On the TMC channel (wait ... gotta sidestep the copyrighters: "TMC" means "The Mouse Clique" blog), you'll still be reading the wit and wisdom shared with us by Uncle Lloyd, as well as new material gleaned from our emails and more; on the new "Behind The Rock" (formerly "Rock, Rhythm and Rimshots") we'll still be covering the classic rock news and memories, including vids from days-gone-by that you (yes, you!) get to choose.
  • The blog posts, themselves, will be much more frequent -- in fact, we're borrowing a popular brand name here and resolve to get online to write, er, one a day (get it?? Good ... sidestepped the copyright, then ...).
  • And, of course, there's going to be our trademark zaniness (or reasonable facsimile thereof ...). I mean, what's life without humor, right? In fact, what's the Ice Cream without humor? Good (something)? Or that show, The Big Bang Theory (lots of [something] packed into 22 minutes)? So we'll continue it here ...
Anyway ... now that 2012 is here, let's all make the best of it, and return here in a couple of days to kick this off properly, alright??

See ya on the flip side ... so stay tuned ...