Monday, December 31, 2012


As it's New Year's Eve, 2012, and I'll be starting new posts on TMC tomorrow (see, it's been closed for a few days while we swept up the old cheese crumbs. Not a gouda job, but somebody had to do it!), I thought "Why not do a simulcast of today's end-of-year sendoff on RRR?" Soooo ... here 'tis:

Okay ... whilst we're waiting for the big ball to drop (which reminds me: I've gotta take my cat, Sir Jaxon in for neutering a week from now), it's also time to get festivities for the New year started. With that in mind, let me say, again HAPPY 2013 TO EVERYONE!

Actually, I think we're all happy 2012 is outta the way. And the best part is that we've got a totally-unused model waitin' for us in time's parking lot -- one that we can make into anything we wanna.
Most of us have made resolutions ... and some are gonna wonder, within a coupla days, why they haven't worked out. They think resolutions, like the money bill collectors want, must be due immediately, and transacted in full!

But it doesn't work that way. Y'see, it's a three-sided word: On the one hand, the noun "resolution" comes from the word, "resolve", which means "determination"; on the other hand, the verb and the computer versions of it means "clarification".
So if we can clarify our desire, and work at it with determination, we're there!
But it doesn't happen overnight ... ya gotta keep workin' at it until that desire becomes a reality!

Sometimes, we don't get it because we're so busy living in our little "comfort zones" that we tailor our resolutions to fit that, as we've always done. Remember the old saying, though (page 238 of the Old Sayings songbook): "If you always think like you always thought, you'll always get what you always got!" I think it means "always".

So, this year, I'm calling for a resolution revolution! Gettin' out from under the blanket of that comfort zone, taking a few calculated risks, and, even if we're feeling a bit like a fish outta water (any fish except cod. I believe in cod ...), going for it if it's honorable!
But we've still gotta be patient while these resolutions take hold. That's the hardest part. But we can do it if we wanna ... really, honestly wanna.
So, this New Year's Eve, why not resolve to throw back the covers of your comfort zone, get outta that bed of familiarity and rattle them pots and pans of faith, trust ... and positive movement?

That way, you can shake-rattle-&-roll yourself through a rockin' 2013!!

Stay tuned: New posts coming up in 24 ... 23:59 ... 23:58 ...

Saturday, December 15, 2012


Today, across this blog's readership area, every person has extra children ... not our physical offspring; in fact, they don't even live with us.

They now live in Heaven ...

They're the twenty children whose lives were senselessly snuffed out yesterday in what can only be called a brutal massacre.

No, they weren't our own physical kids -- in fact, we don't know all their names as I write this; but we hold them in our hearts as our prayers and emotions plead with the Almighty to bless and cherish each one who's arrived in His Presence since the shootings began.

These children were less than two weeks away from waking up on Christmas morning, running into the living room and, with joyfully-expectant spirits and twinkling eyes, checking under the tree to see what Santa brought them. Was it a new bike? Maybe they'd be lucky enough to get a video game?

But they won't have that opportunity now ...

and grieving parents have seen the Christmas season of 2012 -- one so full of joyous anticipation as they prepared for a wondrous time for their families -- become a time now indelibly etched into their lives, forever to be remembered as days of supreme tragedy.
Instead of praising the miracle found in the birth of a baby in a Bethlehem manger so many years ago, they'll be cursing the darkness found in the death of their child in a Connecticut school on 14 December, 2012.

And the parents, brothers and sisters of these fallen angels deserve to know that, whether we're scattered throughout the U.S./Europe or just down the street from them, we're there for them. They should know that we're here to pray for and with them, to help in any way we can (this includes with services or assistance, even if it's financial)   ... to love them with a might that only everyday people like us -- not government or news agencies or whatever -- can give them!

Sometimes, the greatest Christmas gift you can give is of yourself.  And, whilst you know that Christmases will never be the same for these people again, we can at least give them the gift of ourselves ... to let them know we grieve with them ... that we're there for them ... that, through the storm, they'll never walk alone:

Stay tuned ...

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

LL To The Rescue ...

You could always count on Lloyd to make a great show, even if things ... well, didn't exactly go as planned.

Remember the band called The Five Americans? Though best known for their hit "Western Union" (History 101: This was a company that delivered what was called "telegrams" back in olden days. Sort of an like an email, but without a computer. See this post to view a rare one ...), their first charter was called "I See The Light" (not to be confused with "I See The Light" by The Music Explosion, Cat Stevens' "I Think I See The Light" or "I Saw The Light" by Hank Williams).
Anyway ... the band showed up for their appearance on the show, sans their instruments, which hadn't arrived yet! So Lloyd and staff quickly rounded up some guitars and a drumkit -- and, by the time TFA's spot came, they were ready.
After they performed, Lloyd leveled with the audience about the instruments (whether on set or at home, they could always count on LL being upfront with them).

Now, The Byrds were a different story. When they appeared to perform I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better, their intention was to play live and LOUD!! (By the way, ... Better was the "B" side of All I Really Want To Do. That song was released at the same time as Sonny and Cher's version and, since the DJs thought the duo's take would get more play, they flipped The Byrd on their rendition and promoted their "B" side instead.)

Now, I'll have a separate post on that incident, but I'll go ahead and give you the punch line now: Had Lloyd and his production crew not gone into overdrive when the band played a little "dirty pool" with their amps, there's a possibility that at least a few of us would just now be getting our hearing restored!

HERE'S UNCLE LLOYD at a surprise visit to the Canoga Park High School Class of '66 forty year reunion in Studio City, CA Since the embed link is disabled, you can catch it at

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