Saturday, August 11, 2012

Whatever Happened To ...??

Most of you mousers recognize this post as one that first appeared about two years ago. But, because so many TV shows of 2012 are keen on running biographies, I thought it's appropp ... aproppria ... fitting to run it again. Enjoy:

Let's face it, Mousers: some bands make it, some don't ...

and, while Uncle Lloyd gave plenty of exposure to some of the day's top bands, it was no guarantee they'd make as big a splash as The Beatles, beards and boppers of that "British Invasion." In fact (and although they never made it to the guestlist of Thaxton's show), there's only one member of that band up there (known as Chameleon Church) who actually broke through the ranks and hit the proverbial jackpot! And it wasn't as a musician ...

It was the drummer -- a fellow named Chevy Chase.

The point is (as the point was, as the point will be. Wait -- what was the point again?? Oh ... I remember now ...) that our generation influenced everything from great comedy (Chase) to great politics (okay, it's a stretch, but let's go with it for now ...) like former Rep. John Hall [guitarist, Orleans . Remember [You're] Still the One?) and the late Congressman Sonny Bono, to movie dudes like Billy Bob Thornton and Tommy Chong (of Cheech and ...). They all cut their public teeth on the music!! Remember when I mentioned how baby-boomers seem to be "snubbed" these days (readallabouddit here)?
Well, courtesy that guitar-slinging, longhair generation, seems Sixties music is still making a noticeable impact on society! Whether it's in the music or in the Capitol rotunda, you just can't get away from it! 

Here are some shots of bands that didn't quite make the national cut back in the day ... but ... there's ... someone ... we ... know ... in these groups:

First, there's Tico and The Triumphs. Together, these kids had a great act -- but Tico, himself, had a very unique style about him (he's the dude at the top).

Why, you could almost call it ... the sounds of silence! (awwe, do I haveta spell out his real name for ya?? It's Paul Simon!!)

Then there was the country-rock of a little band called CARP -- whose off-stage antics admittedly didn't thrill a lot of fans.

But their drummer (left rear in pic. I mean, he's on the left, in the back row. When finished, his rear left with him ...) did okay for himself. A top actor at one time, he would've gotten Buddy Holly's respect a few years ago. Today, though, Gary Busey's off-stage antics don't thrill a lot of fans, unfortunately ...

Though both Bobby Taylor and his Vancouvers enjoyed limited success, can you imagine what coulda happened to the band if they'd gotten a gig on Uncle Lloyd's show?
Especially that ... that guitarist on the left (in the pic). I ... I can't ... quite make out the features, man! It's like my vision's kinda covered with a purple haze or something ...

Was that too subtle?? (Okay ... it's Jimi Hendrix!)

Now it's your turn:  What was the name of this little-known band from Texas (taken in the early Seventies)?

Granted, they weren't sharp-dressed men back then, and only one had the beginnings of a beard, but they made it to the Top of the country-rock charts a decade later!
(Hint: They named themselves after ... a brand of cigarette rolling paper!)

Stay tuned ....

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