Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Stay Tuned ....

Now, for all of you who followed Uncle Lloyd's blog for so long, you know he always signed off with those tagwords,
"Stay tuned ...".
It simply meant, "More to come ..."

That's what's happening here at the Mouse House (located deep within RockCentral here, right below the coffee pot on the counter) right now.

We're undergoing some changes here that you'll be seeing over the next few, not the least of which is a new-and-improved (or so I've been told) location! Now, I'm gonna keep this under wraps until the t's have been dotted and the i's are crossed (???? So that's what's held up everything??? Well ummm, lemme seeee ...
Okay ... you're right: According to Funk & Wagnalls ...)
i's are dotted and t's are crossed. At that time, I'll introduce ya to the new digs ...
And that, as the old circus barker used to say, is "onnnly the beginning, folks ... onnnly the beginning!"

But think about those two words for a minute:

Everywhere we go, we're actually carrying those two words with us! People who see us in restaurants, in Wally World or wherever are seeing those written in our faces, our walk, our talk ... it shows the world "THIS IS WHO I AM ... THIS IS HOW I FEEL ... THIS IS WHAT MY FUTURE'S GONNA BE ... SO STAY TUNED!"

So what are we showing the good folks in everydayland?? Are we showing a brighter future that we're building, positive, determined and with the Master Builder guiding us?? Or are we saying "Ho-hum ... stay tuned for the downhill slide, where I give in to the same old shStuff I've had for years??"

It's up to us, right?? Yep ... wellllll,
which do we want?? Are we brave enough to go for it?? Are we willing to take that first humongous, bold step ... then another ... then another ... until, finally, we find ourselves on firm, steady and independent ground??

If we're willing -- then leave the dotted "i's" and crossed "t's" (got it right that time! HA!!!) to the Man Upstairs and (forgive me, Nike® ...) just do it!! It takes chutzpah ... it takes intestinal fortitude ... it takes faith, both in Him and ourselves. It takes sayin' I'VE HAD ENOUGH OF THE B.S. I'VE BEEN HANDED, AND AIN'T GONNA TAKE NO MORE!"

That way, when people take a look at us -- heck, when we look at ourselves in the mirror in the morning -- that person looking back will be beaming with a strong, confident and positive message:


Oh ... (ahem!!) in case ya thought I forgot:

Stay tuned ...

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