Saturday, March 10, 2012

Hot-Rod "Buzz" Thaxton

One thing that Uncle Lloyd shared with me was the thrill he felt when he was presented an old "kandy-apple red Hot Rod". That was pretty evident when he emailed me the story and signed it "Buzz" Thaxton. Now, somebody's got his pride-and-joy sittin' in his garage (or hung up on a wall) somewhere! Maybe YOU know whodunnit ...
Here's the story:

CLIQUERS!! HAVE YOU SEEN Lloyd's candy-apple red Hot Rod??

Let me quote the Chief from his April 15, 2006 post:

"Now this wasn’t just any old HOT ROD. This was a hot rod built and designed by famed custom car designer and builder George Barris. Barris designed the 'Batmobile' for the Batman TV series, 'The Munster’s Koach,' and hundreds of other fantastic custom cars for movies. He is 'The King of Kustom.'

The George Barris designed Lloyd Thaxton Hot Rod was a 1930 Model A, using a big Buick engine with MT manifold and carbs. The Body was channeled 10" over the frame for lower effect. It was painted with a kandy apple red paint job with black leather interior. It was really 'boss.'"

During one of his early shows ('62 or '63, pre-LTS. It was a 90-minute show he did for KCOP in L.A.), he awarded the car to some lucky winner (LL didn't know who it was, but, man, was he [or she] luck-EEEEE!!)

So, Cliquers, if you know or can find out who won the Lloyd Thaxton Hot Rod, let me know. He'd been searching for that HOT (forgive me, Paris Hilton, but I hadta use that word!), Kandy-Apple Red number for years. As he said, "I just hope the guy who won it is still driving it or, at the least, has it mounted on his bedroom wall (I wanted to do that with my bike but I didn’t have the nerve)."


When Lloyd sent me a couple of 'toons by Jerry Van Amerongen (Ballard Street was his favorite), I couldn't help laughing. Not just because they were funny (which they were) or that the dude actually had me pegged (except for the wisp of hair, the weight and the age), but because, at the time he sent them, I was actually living on Ballard Street in Ashland, Kentucky!!

Someday, I hope to live up to the character shown in the pic on the right ...


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