Monday, January 30, 2012

WHO'S Groovin'??

In this post, let's explore a little of the WHOOooooDlums in the '60s rock world. Nawww, I don't mean bad dudes ... I'm talkin' about the quidzillionz of acts that used those three letters in their name to get some swag!

Let's see ... ya had ... well, ya had "The WHO", the UK's famous screaminig, guitar-bashing, windmill-chopping, mike-swinging group with a wildcat drummer. They set the stage for My Generation.

Then, others jumped on board. The Guess Who (with Chad Allan) got us Shakin' All Over, while the Wonder Who? did a falsetto, uptown version of Dylan's Don't Think Twice.

'Course, that last group of Whosers were actually a leeeeeetleknown,teeeeninsey act called the Four Seasons (it was an attempt to see if they could churn out a hit anononononymously (Geez ... there I go again!)

AAAAAHHH! But then ya had a REAL no-namer ... a group calling itself You Know Who, who made a near-scratch with the rocker Roses Are Red (not the Bobby Vinton classic!).  These guys were garbed in masks, capes ... and they weren't even superheroes (though one did look suspiciously like Robin, The Boy Wonder ...)
One of my faves, though, was a local group down in hometown Charlotte -- in fact, it was a rival for in-town gigs (though they kinda/sorta ... well, dragged ... in performance). They called themselves The WHAT?. Why? When I found out who they were, how they got together, and where they jammed, I sat in a few times outta curiosity (HEY!! I just got all six major questions in that one sentence!!) I think they retired their "music" when they found out Shoney's was hiring dishwashers ...

Well, that's it for this edition. If you remember any other WHOsiers, lemme know. They can be local, regional, national, or a play on names. But they've gotta be, or have been, real!


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