Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy 2012, Everybody!

Well, here we are in a brand new year (I think everybody's covered now, right? East Coast to West? UK? Podunk. Good ... we're set, then ...) so, for those who don't have a terrific hangover on this first day of January 2012, let's get started (the rest of you can get somebody to read it to you -- softly!):


Remember the "resolutions" that everybody makes-and-breaks-eventually on the Big Day? Well, we're no exception -- except we won't be breaking ours (besides, y'all-add-Santa-Claus are watching me, so I've gotta be good to my word, right?).
And what "resolutions" we have to work with! First of all:
  • We're going to gear up both blogs up reflect the music, issues and happenings of that little group known as baby-boomers ... BUT ... we'll also be talking about stuff that all generations can use. So, if you have something you'd like to see discussed here, the lines are open (MAN, I wish I could hear that at Wal-Mart® ... just once!) -- just email me here, okay? Be sure to include an SASE for quicker response ...
  • Of course, we're not going to forget what brought us to the dance, right? On the TMC channel (wait ... gotta sidestep the copyrighters: "TMC" means "The Mouse Clique" blog), you'll still be reading the wit and wisdom shared with us by Uncle Lloyd, as well as new material gleaned from our emails and more; on the new "Behind The Rock" (formerly "Rock, Rhythm and Rimshots") we'll still be covering the classic rock news and memories, including vids from days-gone-by that you (yes, you!) get to choose.
  • The blog posts, themselves, will be much more frequent -- in fact, we're borrowing a popular brand name here and resolve to get online to write, er, one a day (get it?? Good ... sidestepped the copyright, then ...).
  • And, of course, there's going to be our trademark zaniness (or reasonable facsimile thereof ...). I mean, what's life without humor, right? In fact, what's the Ice Cream without humor? Good (something)? Or that show, The Big Bang Theory (lots of [something] packed into 22 minutes)? So we'll continue it here ...
Anyway ... now that 2012 is here, let's all make the best of it, and return here in a couple of days to kick this off properly, alright??

See ya on the flip side ... so stay tuned ...

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