Thursday, December 29, 2011

The "Flower Child" circa 2011

This is a continuation of the post on our sister site, Beyond The Rock

Now it's winter of 2011. Forty years after-the-fact, we have a war in Afghanistan. People are starving, tortured and/or murdered in various countries and under other regimes. Gas prices are still at an amazing high. Power and personal freedoms are being wrested from the hands of the people by a Congress they've learned not to trust.
Yet, the baby-boomers - this same group that so valiantly championed the cause of peace and equality forty years before, and of which I am a member - have become largely silent, seeming to stick their heads in the sand and hide from our present national and world situations in hope that they'll go way.

What happened to the once-resonating voices of peace? Have large families, larger paychecks and the responsibility that comes with maintaining material security taken the edge off our active and vocal protest of the wolves at peace's door? At one time, we could - and did - change the political fabric of America. Yet, today, most of the protesters of yore are content to "let it slide" or have someone else do it for them.
We were willing to put it all on the line for peace - including facing arrests and jail-time. Now, at a time when our country - our world, for that matter - needs us to speak up, we've become strangely silent.
We have the greatest buying power, the most political pull, and the highest demographic of any other age group in the nation. Years ago, we had longed for the day when we would have the authority - the power - to change the world. Now that we have it, though, we're not using it. Has our spunk given in to complacency? Do we believe that, despite our values as young people, what's happening in this world is of no consequence to us?
Again, I ask the question: What happened to the voices of peace? Have we surrendered to the establishment at long last? Are we afraid - or, worst of all, so involved with ourselves and the money-machine feeding us that we just don't care?

It's time for every person who was ever a "child of peace" to answer that question.


One thing that baby-boomers gleaned from the Sixties was a profound respect for the earth ... and that included making their own compost for their gardens.  Did you know you can take grass clippings, leaves -- and even kitchen scraps -- and make your own organic compost? It's true! And, in order to do it right, you need a good, solid and dependable composter . And, by clicking the link you just saw, you'll find a fantastic selection of the best! Not only that, but you'll also find some great links to learn more about composting!
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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Listen ... I'll be back next week with new posts ... and, beginning in the 12, more frequent visits. But today is a special time for the triple-F factor: food, family and friends (not necessarily in that order). Soooooo ...
C ya then ... on the flip side!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Uncle Lloyd's Greatest Message (Rewind)

NOTE: Recently, I was asked, via Facebook® message, if we could repeat this post. Somehow, it held a little sentimental value for the FB friend (unh-unh ... I don't give names unless authorised by the writer! Besides, he's bigger than me ...). So, it's with pleasure that we do this special "Rewind":
For years, we of the Clique-and-beyond looked forward to getting home from work so we could get the latest thoughts from Uncle Lloyd and his blog. Whether we agreed 100% with him on everything or not (and disagreements were rarer than Vitalis™ in a headbanger's dressing room!), we loved every minute we "visited" with him.

Then, of course, we had his book (Stuff Happens, of course) to keep us company. Through it, we felt as though he really was our favorite uncle, showing us better ways to deal with life's challenges.

Yes, there were those of us who remember his segments on both The Today Show and Fight Back! In the latter, he gave us a lotta boss info on all kinds of goodies to make our Wal-Mart® shopping easier (if we'd had the store back then. As far as shopping there -- and with apologies to Clark Howard -- I still have to ask myself "Why??").

It goes without saying that his most memorable achievement to many boomers was The Lloyd Thaxton Show (now, why'd I say that?? Didn't I say it "goes without saying"?? Oh, NOW I remember ... we do have post-boomer mousers on board here). He brought the message of good times and rock-and-roll to our homes every weekday at 5 PM.

But the greatest message that Uncle Lloyd conveyed wasn't in his show, or in his book, or in his other shows.

It was found in the soul and heart that he shared with each and every one of us. When he had something bearing on his mind, or when he really felt great about something, when he was reminiscing -- or even when he was "up against the wall" with cancer -- he was still the epitome of hope, smiles, and an attitude that just grinned a big "Everything's gonna be all right. C'mon ... let's have some fun while we're here ..."

A cautious optimism? Confidence? A habit of being upbeat?? Let's face it: Lloyd Thaxton just had a tremendous love of life and all that was in it! And, in his too-short time with us, he tried showing us, through his words and actions, that "Hey ... it isn't gonna BITE ya! ENJOY life!! It really ROCKS!!"

Chief, we're still learning ... but, then again, we had a great teacher ...


I've noticed that, here in Ashland, the college is putting up a new cosmetology building.  Amongst all the workers are about three or four that are doing some serious welding on the building!  Now, obviously, these guys are going to need to maintain the best welding supplies possible, along with jackets, gloves (it is getting cold out there, gang!) and anything else that will keep them safe! On my way in to work this morning, I pointed them in one direction ...
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Friday, December 9, 2011

Ruffled Feathers ...

IT'S TIME TO FLY AGAIN 2012 is just a few weeks away and, waiting silently on the edge of his perch high atop Melody Mountain here in beautiful downtown Ashland, KY., an eagle is ready to try out his newly-healed wings ...

I was first called that 25 years ago by a third-grade student at Pineville (NC) Elementary, where I had volunteered as a teacher's aide and tutored. It became my pen name whilst a syndicated columnist, and lasted until 2005, when The Rock Relic emerged.

Over time, the Relic character grew (and, for that, I thank you), but the person of Chuck Hinson began having a few ... well, let's say "troubles".
Those began to multiply, and it affected both my health and my work (thus, the finances). But this Relic still trudged on, all the while knowing it was in my power to control the situations ... rather than have them control me.

A few days ago, I was checking out my archives when I ran across a challenging email from my late mentor and friend, Lloyd Thaxton (aka "Lloyd Thaxton"). When I'd told him, back in '06, about the old "Eagle" monitor, he sent these words in one of his emails: "You're an Eagle. Then, FLY, EAGLE, FLY!"
Those words sent chills down my spine. Uncle Lloyd's been entertaining a heavenly audience since 2008 ...
(By the way: That earlier "aka" bit? That's how LL signed one of his first emails to me. Just included that as a tribute ...)

Then a very wonderful reader included, on her Facebook® page, one of my favourite Biblical verses (Isaiah 40:31):
"But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.
At the very same time I read this, the radio was playing a song by one of my all-time favourite country artistes: The late Waylon Jennings.
The song??
The Eagle.

NOW ya see why the bird's gonna be the word again??

Now, on the rock side of life, I'm adding a little to the mix: I'm reviving the Electric Eagle (many thanks to Spencer Hannabuss, my British mate from The 286 and, formerly, The Fore, for this idea). For all other writes, it'll be non-"Electric". For you who don't like eagles ... well, just be sure to carry a good, strong umbrella ('cause we know what to do!) ... lol

So, come 1 January 2012, "The Rock Relic" will become just that: A relic from days gone by. But the Eagle ... gonna be flyin' high once again!
(here's the vid ... listen to the word. It's my declaration for 2012)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A High I.Q., Huh??

Y'know, it always amazes me when I hear someone bragging about his (or her) I. Q. Yesterday, whilst I was on lunch, I heard a young man doing just that. He said he was known to have a "160" -- more than (in his words) "most of these losers in here!"

WOW!! Einstein had a "160" (see above pic)! So he ...

he works at a local telemarketing firm (note: not a rocket scientist as I first imagined whilst in "awe" of this genius ... [not to knock anyone who does it if they need a job, btw])

Look ...

Whoever brags about this "I.Q." stuff's got it all wrong, anyway! You take a battery of tests (most of them on paper), then they're gauged and determined by whoever has administered them.
But, man, there's more to determining your "intelligence quotient" than what you put into a paper-pushing session:

You need to have learned from your life experiences -- and applied those lessons wisely as an integral part of your life. These would have to be gauged over years and your testers would have to watch you every waking moment to be sure they've got the whole picture!

And THEN ... expect to pay the same amount for food, coffee or gas that everybody else pays! You can look forward to putting your pants on one leg at a time like the rest of us. In fact, when the time comes, you'll be in the same place as we all will be eventually -- rich/poor, black/white, average/high "IQ".

So don't try to impress me with your "smarts", okay??  I'd rather talk to the real intelligent people, like those who put in a hard day's work at a Wal-Mart or other job, then come home to feed their families, love and tend to their kids, pay their bills, clean their houses -- then start the whole thing over the next day and never lose their smile and hope.
They know how to balance it all properly, where the whole family benefits.  They don't care about impressing anyone ...
that, my friends, is intelligence personified ... and, coupled with wisdom, love and perseverence, it's unbeatable ...

(PS  For those who are wondering: I was tested in April, 1970 by the Department of the Army as having an I.Q. of 145. But don't hold me to that today, okay?  It's just good for a laugh, IMHO ...)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

And The Holiday Season Begins ...

Okay ... if you had a great Thanksgiving this past Thursday, raise your giblets!

Actually, it's nearly a ... well, it is a week after Thanksgiving, and time that I did some catching up here:

Now, I know about how turkeys meet their demise and end up on our dinner tables ... but I'm convinced that the one that (the cats and) I (and the dogs) noshed on actually died of dehydration ... a year before Thanksgiving! I mean, it was so tough that, for a moment, I considered getting out the needle and thread and sewing a new jacket out of it (or has Lady GaGa copyrighted that move??).
Thankfully, there is peanut-butter and jelly ... if you can find a small jar that costs less than a gallon of gas these days ...


Of course, what's Thanksgiving Day without its ensuing counterpart, "Black Friday", which started on Thursday night at Wal-Mart®?
There must be some hidden ingredient in holiday turkey that causes some consumers to dress like drunken, color-blind circus performers -- all to converge on Wally-World at this one particular time of the year!
It was either that, or they've revived the Hinson family reunion after all these years ...
And, for all it's played up to be, it's strange that the shoppers who attend this magical event called "Black Friday" never seem to leave the store with the smiles and optimism they enter with.
Blood? Yes. Sweat? Uh-huh. Tears? You bet. But "smiles and optimism"? Naaah ...


Let's see ... after a weekend of Alka-Seltzers®, leftover turkey in every conceivably-edible form and the end of the football game that began on Thursday evening  (even if I liked the game, I couldn't've watched; I was busy sewing a new jacket ...), came Cyber-Monday, Take-It-Back-It's-The-Wrong-Size Tuesday and Why'd-You-Get-That? Wednesday.
I can hardly wait to see what the rest of the week brings ...


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