Monday, November 21, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

Let's see ... as of now, there are parades getting lined up, football fields that are getting fresh lines on them, panicky turkeys occupying towns with signs saying something like "The 99% eat chicken! Down with the 1%!" and anxiously weighing themselves in hopes that their Slim-Fast® diets (poultry version) worked.

It's nearly Thanksgiving ...and it brings back so many memories to me, as I'm sure it does for you:
  • Back-in-the-day, mama used to take the names of all the folks in the immediate family (including grandkids), write 'em on little slips of paper and put them in a hat. After the big feast (and, listen ... nobody could cook as good as my mama -- though Gladys Goodman [my first wife's mum] came pretty close!), we'd "pass the hat", with each of us pulling out a name.
    Soon, it'd come my turn. I'd reach inside the fedora and pull out one from the very bottom.
    To this day, I still can't find family records on the kid named "DryCle Anonly". I knew his age, though ... he was always a young "7 1/2"!
  • Once, when I was married and the kids were just little tykes, the wife and I were trying to cook a turkey. Came time to coat it with juices. I yelled out, "Where's the little baster?" My son runs into the living room to baby brother, yelling, "HEY, MIKE! DADDY'S LOOKIN' FOR YOU!!" 'Twas then my wife-at-the-time reminded me that "baster" has a long ... not short ... "a" in it!
  • By the time the late '90s rolled around (yes, 1990s!), I was helping a friend with his turkey (he and his family'd graciously invited me for dinner). Of course, if you're gonna stuff it, you've gotta reach in and get that little package of whatever it is from inside, first.
    Well, Dave had a horse disguised as a dog (silly guy ... trying to cover and say it was a dog called a "Great Dane" or something.  Nice try.  Didn't look a thing like Victor Borge), and he was next to the kitchen counter, watching as I was wrist-deep in the bird.
    Suddenly, I ... well, have you ever had one of those sneezes that you're just not ready for??  I mean, all you can do is turn your head and let fly?
    Yep. Turned my head at the last second and instinctively pulled my hands up to cover my mouth.
    The only problem was that ... er, one of them was still in the turkey ....
    it slung off my hand, smacked the dog in the forehead, bounced over, hit a chair and came to rest in its seat.
    And don'tcha just hate it when you get thaaaaaaatclose to big sneeze ... and it never happens??
    But Dave finally broke the deafening silence that followed the turkey's "plop" in the char ...
Now ... why not share some of your memories? I'll be glad to print 'em here! And, for all of you (huh?? No, he washed it off, checked it over and still cooked it! Brave soul ...) who are anticipating a great holiday coming up ... HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!


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