Thursday, October 6, 2011

It Was Three Years Ago That ...

Three years ago yesterday, the world of rock-and-roll darkened -- and the legends of the genre, both here on earth and already with the angels, bowed their heads in grief over a very special loss ...

When I heard of Uncle Lloyd's passing, I remember just sitting at my desk and just staring into space; my entire body felt as if someone had just run a couple-thousand volts of electricity through it.
And, then, the tears came ...

Lloyd sent me the above cartoons a short while before he died -- and, if you'll look at Jerry Von Amerongen's title, you'll see an "inside joke" between us; I'd just moved from Ballard Street to my digs on 29th St. here in A-Town.

Of course, there were a load of other things we passed back and forth via both email and the snail version. But, after hearing about his passing, it took forever to enjoy them again (I couldn't even enjoy his book Stuff Happens! though I'd already read it cover-to-cover a few times ...).

Now, Lloyd's back pages are still available for reading at his old blog address (and I urge every M.I.T. grad [ie, you passed your Mouser In Training, which means you're entitled to share our cheese stash here ...] to click on his blog and take in some fond memories as you re-read his posts.
In one of them, he talked about death, and how obituaries are full of people whose life read "(year of birth) - (year of death)". He thought it was sad that people's lives between birth/death dates have been relegated to just a dash. Then he asked something very deep:

On this anniversary of his death (from multiple myeloma), I can just hear him saying: Chuckie, why oh why are you 'celebrating' my DEATH?? I was BORN, you know ... and I built a pretty good 'dash', if I do say so myself. FORGET that last number -- it will happen to EVERYBODY at some time. It's more important for you to do something with that 'dash' in BETWEEN the numbers!

And so we will, chief ... so we will ...

Stay tuned ...

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  1. I remember hearing about Uncle LL's death from a friend in LA. He said he saw it in the paper so I went to the LA TIMES and my heart sank and my jaw dropped. I never met the man but I knew him thru emails and his blog and I felt like I lost a member of the fact, I DID! I LOST UNCLE LLOYD!! It was just a week earlier that he was telling me he would send me a working copy of the DVD of THE LLOYD THAXTON SHOW, but I never got it. I ended up getting it from another collector out east. How he got it, I'll never know. I think of Unc LL all the time and how I miss his jokes (as corny as they were) and his fan friendly emails. R.I.P. UNC LL!!!