Monday, October 24, 2011


Whilst I'm building new script for the blog and taking care of other business, let me share this post that recently ran on my COFFEE TALK blog. I'll be back with new material on Wednesday:

Whilst I normally cart a load of funny stuff and dump it here in this blog, this time I thought I'd share something a little different.
You see, I met a friend of mine at the supermarket and, quite frankly, he looked a bit seriously depressed. He said there wasn't anything to look forward to in his life anymore; he was behind in his bills, lost his job and his wife, and was ... well, he was down on everything.

Maaaan, who are you kidding?? Yeah, I feel for the guy, but ... well, "nothing to look forward to"??

Look ... let's take this in order, shall we??

(1) You woke up this morning. Consider the alternative. You could've died in your sleep last night -- but you didn't! Sooooo, you're (a) seeing the dawn, (b) hearing birds outside your window, (c) maybe catching the aroma of fresh, morning coffee as it's brewing ...

(2) You're free to go outside to get your paper, turn on morning music, check the "Today" show on television, and move around the house/yard/street/stores, etc. There are thousands who are in jails and can't do that -- or hospital rooms, confined to beds right this very minute!

(3) You have hundreds of minutes ahead of you -- and all of them unused and just waiting for you to fill them up with something good. You've got the power to do that, y'know!! Look at your arms for a second: Is anyone "twisting" them to do otherwise?

(4) Now, I know you've got things that are hurtin' you, but -- well, let me ask this: Do you remember anything bad that happened to you in, say, 1975? Okay, how's that affecting you now? Does it still make you wanna cry, or tear someone's lungs out? Or have you gotten over it?
Well, I GUARANTEE that you'll survive these heartaches, too!
And the way to do it? Remember those "unused minutes" I talked about? Fill them with productive action that will provide positive results! And why let something -- someone's actions -- control you? Remember: YOU'VE GOT THE POWER OVER YOURSELF! YOU'VE GOT YOUR HAND ON THE CONTROLS!! It's YOUR plane ... YOU fly it to the heights you want!

And don't forget this little wonder we call the internet! Use it to regain a step or two ... to search for a new job, make new friends, etc. You can even Google® whatever's bugging you and find loads of ways to help you win over the situation(s)!

So, man, don't ever overlook the awesome gift of today that we've been given! This can be the day that the pendulum finally starts swinging in your direction again ...

Okay ... 'nuff said. Share this with someone if ya think it'll help, okay?

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