Sunday, October 16, 2011


It's become a daily routine ...
Whenever my little Shih-Tzu, Keiko, sees me heading for my work desk, readying for the day's assignments, she tags along faithfully and takes her place on the floor beside me, ready to defend me against any crumb of strudel that falls from my hands (yes, I carry my breakfast with me).

You know, we've had quite a few songs dedicated or referring to dogs over the years. My favorite one's on the "B" side of The Who's My Generation ... an instrumental called Dogs, Part 2 (PS  Have you ever wondered why so many of these hits never seem to have a Part 1?). Both Keith Moon and John Entwhistle had major runs in that powerhouse of a rocker. Listening to it a few days ago (including Roger's rare fade-out where he called for a dog and laughed), I wondered why there was such an obsession with dogs during 1965!

Beginning with the great Rufus Thomas, you had Do The Dog, Walkin' The Dog and my favorite, Somebody Stole My Dog. At the same time, Perry Como was reviving the pop hit, How Much Is That Doggie In The Window? on his show. One of the most hip-shakingest, midriff-jarring dances in teen America was called The Dog (trust me ... it took me a month before I could walk straight again).
Then, on their debut album in 1966, The Monkees had a comical filler called I'm Gonna Buy Me A Dog (side 2, last track, original More of The Monkees, Colgems Records). This one was also considered a bit sexist, because Micky was singing that he could get a dog to do what his "girl" used to (incidentally, since the boys weren't playing their own instruments on record yet, listen for Dolenz to mimic the drums with his "boopboopshebopbopwhamawham" -- and Mike laughing in the background just after it).

After that song (which, though never released as a single) made it big with local rock bands around America, the "dog" craze kind of died down a bit. But, for just a couple of years or so, dogs actually had a part in the progression of rock-and-roll ... and, for that, we give them a special "bow". "wow"....

iPhone, YouPhone ...

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