Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Few Quick Notes

Awww, everything'll be explained in the post (which, incidentally, will be simulcast on RRR this time). Let's get it ONNNN:

AND IT COULDN'T'VE HAPPENED TO A BALDER GUY: Yep ... I'm a writer. And, yep ... I, sometimes, I even do it for pay (or food. Whichever comes first ...).
So, natch, when a plum assignment comes across my desk, I'm generally up for it (if it's clean and my cats approve of it ...).  And, on occasion, I'll have a new studio request certain articles, along with description, deadline and price offered.

Sooooo, I was chuffed to find some pretty decent offers come in one awhile back. After all, I do need ... er, the tax man does need my money -- and, since these sounded promising and I'd heard of the studios before, I pulled out my trusty #2 and some paper, put on the ol' editor's visor, turned on the "office-background" .mp3 for mood (and to make people in the hall think I'm actually working somewhere) and dug in.

I was thaaaaaaaaat close to submitting them, when I got an email this morning from the company-in-question. It said the studio (the real one) had been hacked, and scam requests were being sent. They were familiar with my work, but I wasn't in their system!
In short, the "assignments" were bogus ... but, whilst I used a load of time that I could've spent on other assignments (such as sleeping, eating, and doing my other work), I now have some pretty nifty write-ups saved, in case I can find a place to use them ...

Of course, then there's that friggin' "heart" thing I've gotta be concerned about. The doc says that, until they can run the tests tomorrow (EKG and CAD at OLBH ASAP, the 3d initials bein' the hospital people.  The rest, I'm not sure of), I need (to quote the great Ricky Ricardo) to "take a tizzy". (This was translated from the original LooooSeeee language by Eagles scouts in 1974. It means "take it easy") So, again, I had to cut back on my work and stop drinking, smoking and sex until then (the first, I can do. The next three I remember doing once ... or twice ... years ago, but have long since forgotten).

Thus, there's been a cutback in good, quality blogs (HA! Fooled ya, didn't I??) until they finish prodding me tomorrow.
Now, remember: they said to cut back on -- not stop -- the writing. Of course, the man needs money (or a reasonable facsimile thereof ...), so I took on the above tasks.

On Friday evening, I expect to be going full steam once again, but I'm gonna stick only with what I know will work ...
things I'm known for, successful with, and paid for.

Yep.  I'm gonna go back to washing dishes for Joe's Eat'n'Burp down the street ...

Stay tuned ...
(yes, I was just kidding about the dishwashing.  Heck ... if I don't do it here, why do it somewhere else??  We'll be back and up-to-speed tomorrow night ...)

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