Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ahhhh, Changes!

Yeah, sometimes changes are for the better (ask any 4-month-old, if he'll tell ya. Chances are, though, he's still stuck on Sunday's Video Music Awards, so he'll remind you to Google Gaga) ...

I was going through some old emails that Uncle Lloyd sent shortly after we met. He'd been following the other blogs I had at the time (the first one, you already know. The other one was with a studio that no longer exists ...).
In one of them, he gave me some sage advice that I began to use over thyme: When you write, put your own individual style into it. Let readers know it's you!" Well, I've tried to follow LL's advice; you know it's me and haven't run me off yet ...I hope ..., and, collectively, we've had a pretty good time together.

But, lately, I've been doin' a lot of repeats, simulcasts with the other blog and -- well, generally, it's just become redundant. it's just become redundant.
Sooooooo ... beginning with our next post, we're gonna add just a little more to the mix (I tried that once when trying to bake some made-from-scratch biscuits. I got some serious burns ... and a restraining order from Pillsbury® that forbade me from going within fifteen feet of their products ..).

You'll not only be readin' some original stuff again, but also go into the mind of the writer (probably a very short trip ...) with thoughts, meanderings and vignettes from the past. Obviously, there's still gonna be a lot of tribute to our Fab Founder, the Head Cheese who started the Clique clickin' ...

And I'll wanna hear some shout-outs from you, the reader(s) and Cliquer(s). You've both some great stories to tell, outtasite insights and other goodies to share ... in fact, you can even guest-host this madness every once-in-awhile if you'd like (just gimme a little advance notice, okay?).

So tell your friends (and, if you're on the illustrious Book of Faces or that Tweety-thing, re-post this and let's get everyone involved, okay??

In less than 24, we're gonna get started ... so stay tuned ...

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