Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Summertime Blues??

Okay ... who, in this magic land of the USofA, isn't half-melted by this ginormendous heat wave we've had??
Everywhere I turn, I'm hearing people complain about the heat ('s funny ... they're the same ones who, just six months ago, were complaining about the cold! Geez ... make up yer minds already! lol). But, as long as there are power grids and central cooling, air conditioners and ice cubes, we're gonna be alright, right??

I've gotta admit that it's a bit harder for us bald(ing) guys. Y'see, at least you furry folks have somethin' that'll absorb the sweat. All of us with only memories of hair have it harder, because that stuff comes straight down our foreheads and skis down our snoots -- leaving us with half-baked heads!

A few years ago, a local, big-name family restaurant realised their summer patrons were worn out by the heat -- and that meant smaller orders or just Coke or tea and nothing else.
So how to put the customer at ease so he'd order more, thus building the store's daily receipts? Simple:

They put winter music over their speaker system! Sure enough, people started feeling cooler (ahhh, the power of a brain! Or so I'm told ...), thus becoming friendlier and more at ease, which meant more (and bigger) orders!

Now, Uncle LL was one of ... no, he was the coolest teen host on television. Despite the lighting, the small nearly closet-sized studio (his words), all the equipment (from cameras to amps) and so many people on the set, he still made every home viewer feel relaxed and refreshed -- even on those sweat-stained days of summer!
Amongst the acts he'd had on the show were his musical counterparts, Paul Revere and The Raiders. Again, despite temps that could be so hot they could fricassee birds whilst in flight, Paul, Mark, Phil, Fang and Smitty made everything cooler and more enjoyable with their perfect blend of music and often-improvised humour.

Someone once asked "Why does it seem hotter now than it did back in the old days? Was Al Gore right after all, when he said our weather pattern's lost its rhythm?" Well, I never learned about Al Gore rhythm, so I can't figure that one out; but, y'know, it wasn't so much that we were meteorologically cooler (and I'm still tryin' where "logically" fits into that weatherwise word);
we just had cooler times, acts ... and a teen-show host who kept it that way each weekday! Of course, when you feel more comfortable in your actions, you start reflecting that "coolness" physically! (so says Mr. Peabody, Mr. Wizard, Ben Casey and Dr. Pepper -- and some real doctors, as well!)

They really knew how to beat these Summertime Blues -- and it's a shame that, in today's rock world, very few know how (or even care) to learn from those who made our lives so "cool" back then!


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