Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Pleading the Fifth

Alright ... did everybody have a Happy July 4th? Ready to get back to work, right??

Naaah ... me, neither. But (sigh!) the show must go on ...

Hey -- didja see the big celebration at the Capitol last night (I think the PBS stations carried it)?? While the celebs, music and fireworks were all awesome, the show really didn't pack all three at the same time until they wheeled out that baby grand -- with a familiar face poised to pound the ivories:

Little Richard himself! Yes, that Little Richard ... 78-year-old Little Richard!!

He tore into two of his super-hits like he was 30 once again! Long Tall Sally and Good Golly, Miss Molly had Penniman's trademarks: screaming vocals, fantastic falsettos, and rockin' piano!
The crowd of maxi-thousands were on their feet, dancing, swinging, swaying and clapping through his set -- one that was accented by the best rockin' saxophone this side of Ace Cannon (only one guy could've done it better -- the late Clarence Clemons!).

Over on NBC, viewers could take in Macy's July 4th Celebration in New York City (and, in my opinion, their fireworks display was the most colourful and majestic of any of 'em). To yer Cuzzin Relic, whilst it's always fab to see the beautiful Beyonce perform, the top vocals-of-the-night were rendered by Jennifer Hudson! Her rendition of The Star-Spangled Banner at the end of the show (which spotlighted the best of the aforementioned fireworks) proved that she's a permanent part of soul music's royalty!

Ahhh, but, today, we plead the Fifth (July 5th, that is ..). As we drive or walk to work, we undoubtedly run across the remnants of fireworks-now-past; we speak softly so as not to rattle the cages of those still hungover; we see people whose midriffs prove the effectiveness of holiday cookouts.
But, above all, we have the appreciation that, despite all that's going on in Washington -- despite all the tornadoes, floods, fires and more -- we've survived to show, if but for this one day, that America's still alive and kickin' ... and that neither hell nor high water will take us away from those freedoms we hold so dearly.


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