Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Found Whilst Looking Up Other Things ...

Awww, come on ... climb off that chair and sit down, willya? After all, it's just a picture!! Geez ...

Actually, the photo is of a very special trapdoor spider. Y'see, an East Carolina University biologist discovered the new species back in 2007 and gave it a scientific name. Here it is (you figure it out who it's named for): Myrmekiaphila neilyoungi.
Right: The famed head spitter of the ancient Rednecki tribe, Myrmek Iaphilus!
(Ummm ... you ain't buyin' that, are ya? OOOOookaayyYYYY:)
Actually, its named after folkrocker Neil Young. (Huh? No, I don't know why. Maybe he's a fan or something! That's why he's in the upper-right corner of the pic to your left ...)

STICKIN' WITH THE SNOT: Okay ... I know those words might sound a little gross (heh-heh. FINALLY ... you pay attention!!), but ... awww, lemme 'splain:

Y'see, a few times over the past years, I've sat in as drummer for a local band ... and, as anyone who's ever thumped the skins can tell ya, those sticks can fly outta yer hands every once-in-awhile! But a friend of mine told me about some stuff you can use to keep 'em from doin' that.
"It's called Gorilla Snot," he said. Heck ... I didn't even know those overgrown monkeys picked their noses, much less that anyone would actually package that stuff! But it's actually a sort of mild glue that keeps 'em from slipping!
So, I tried it ... and it worked great (until I went to the bathroom during a break! Ever try to unzip with a stick stuck to yer hands? It ain't pretty ...). Personally, I think I'll stick with the guitar now (I can play that, bass, harmonica, drums and ping-pong in case yer wonderin' ...)

A FEW QUICK WORDS: dog cat library computer television
SERIOUSLY ... A FEW QUICK 'NUTHER WORDS: As I mentioned in an earlier post, Uncle LL and I were talking about a (in his words) "hand-held new Spaper" (sounds kinda self-marketing, dontcha think?) called Solid Gold Rock! Since I'd already published a couple of local monthly newspapers successfully, we talked about doin' one that was geared to the classic rock/oldies/baby-boomer scene -- and making it a national one at that!
But, alas (not the one who had the restaurant. That's Alice ...), with the recent drop in "hand-held" newspaper readership nationwide -- and, of course, Lloyd's passing (and he left us wayyyy too soon) -- the idea folded (get it? Newspaper? Folding? Ahhh, nevermind ...) .
But I'm thinkin' of resurrecting the idea -- a rock/boomer new Spaper on the web! It'd include articles, ideas, thoughts and more from you guys, as well as links to fab sites, songs and more.
Natch, it'd all be dedicated to Uncle Lloyd ...
Whatcha think, Mousers?? Let me know ... meanwhile, more's on its way in less than 24, so ...

Stay tuned ...

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