Sunday, July 24, 2011

The 27 Club (Revised)

This is a repeat write-up that I've simulcast here as well as on ROck, Rhythm and Rimshots. It's fitting, as we lost another popular act to that now-legendary "Curse of 27".

It's one of the most mysterious topics of the classic-rock era: All of the legends you see on your left died at the age of 27. Besides Jimi, Jim, Pearl, Kurt, Brian and, now, Amy Winehouse, there've been others who've followed suit -- many by their own hand -- and at the same age.

Think it's just relegated to an unfortunate few?? Well, after Amy's tragic passing, I did like so many others and dug into this a little deeper.
Ya ready? Since 1908, no less than 48 musical entertainers have lost their lives at the age of 27. And I haven't stopped counting!! There are more who were probably not on the "A" list, but were rockin', nonetheless ... and the pain of their loss is no less important to those who loved them ...

But the question is: WHY?!? What's so significant about the "Curse of 27"? Why does it happen at that age?
Here's an answer from a terrific young lady named Nadja O'Dwyer -- one that makes a lot of sense (remember: this was just after the news broke about Winehouse):

Many mental disorders, such as schizophrenia, don't manifest themselves until young people are around 20-25. So if there is a tendency towards them, coupled with excessive drug and/or alcohol use, maybe the combination becomes lethal for many in the mid-twenties if not controlled. I just read where she was diagnosed a few years back as manic/depressive, but refused treatment. How ironic, considering all the illegal drugs she poured into herself that she wouldn't take the one drug that might help her.

(Man, that's what I love about this job; you get the coolest and smartest people readin' this site! WOW!!)

But what Nadja said is true ... and, yes, the curse can be broken! We'll discuss that in the next edition. But, for now, let's just say R.I.P. Amy Winehouse ... and pray that there will never be another taken at that age ...

Stay tuned ...


  1. True, Mike. Let's hope that, someday, we can break this "curse," close the "Club" and see these young stars enjoy a long, happy and satisfying life.