Monday, June 6, 2011

A Quick Note Or Two (BRB)

I've gotta be honest: I was planning on starting this week with a big blog bang. Everything was ready --
until I got to my work desk.

Now, as most of you know, I'm also a journalist for two studios and a rock publicist. This past week, with three major pushes set to commence (you'll read more about 'em this week), five articles to complete before deadline and some record labels to scout, I've had more on my plate than a food addict at a free buffet.

But take heart, campers -- we will be back to norml by the dawn's early light tomorrow ...


This past weekend, some news came over the rockwire that stunned many of us -- especially those of us who were fans of singer Patti LaBelle. Now, I'm gonna post it as it was reported. You make the call:

"Patti Labelle and her bodyguards were sued Wednesday (June 1) in Houston over a March 11 incident at Bush International Airport there. A West Point cadet on spring break wandered too close to Patti's limousine while talking on his cell phone and alleges he was attacked by the diva's security. The incident was captured on security video and later shows Patti posing for pictures with police after the victim was taken away in an ambulance, neatly avoiding the blood on the pavement."

Later updates reported that Ms. L. admitted to ordering the attack on the lad -- and, in doing so, implicated herself in three (yep, 3!) infractions:

(1) A flagrant assault-and-battery (geez .. Richard King just wasn't watching where he was goin'! He was talking to his bro on a cell phone, and wasn't paying attention).
(2) By this action, West Point expelled the cadet, saying that he broke their moral code.
(3) The officers who posed with her impeded and influenced the investigation -- which, in most cases, would put them on administrative leave pending the outcome of an Internal Affairs (IAF) decision.

Here ... check the lower-right-hand corner of this vid (that's where the action starts):

Now, we'll be back up-to-speed tomorrow, so stay tuned ...

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