Friday, June 17, 2011

One Wild, Weird Week

WHEW!! After a week like this past one, I called on my squirrelly buddy, Chulo, to join me at the top of the post here (C'mon -- fess up: Ya can't look at the little dude without smilin', can ya?).

Now ... back to the wild, weird week that was (now why do I feel so ... Elmer Fudd-ish after sayin' that??):

We've watched the latest episodes of that new courtroom drama, Law and Order:CA (Casey Anthony), which broke for occasional commercials about a non-Oscar-Meyer-Weiner, a special edition of LOST (Vancouver) and, of course, newsbreaks.
On top of all that, yours truly has fought the dreaded gut-bug (aka "intestinal virus", known by its scientific name "hell") and an accidental mold ingestion. All while recuperating from a bad knee.

Now, whilst I'm getting back up-to-speed, I can't help noticing that everything else is sorta evening out a little: The Anthony trial is now in defence-mode, the NY Rep has stepped down, and they're sweepin' the streets in that town where disgruntled hockey fans opened their own Canada worms ...

When Uncle Lloyd and Cousin John produced Stuff Happens, they were talkin' about "stuff" that happens to us personally. And LL told me, back in 2007, "If it's not your 'stuff', don't get hung up on it." Right. "Don't sweat the small 'stuff' -- especially if it's not botherin' your 'stuff'!"

Which brings me back to Chulo (PS He knows the secret of coffee: Take two cups in the AM. Y'see, according to my nut-bearing rodential friend, "The first cup clears the fuzz, but the second cup brings the buzz!"). If we're gonna be happy (encouraged, pleased, opposite of "sad"), we need to start with the simple things in life. What they're showing on the BT (boob-tube) is complexity for sensation's sake. It's short-lived, at best.

Uncle Lloyd was a true example of this. I mean, who else could take a budget studio, some records to lip-synch with, a bunch of school kids to dance to those records, funny little smiley-faces on five fingers, and a live feed (not taped-for-later-broadcast) -- and make it all into America's #1 teen show??
In his off-stage life, he spent time chatting with his peers -- but also with his many fans! He was ultra-devoted to the love of his life, his beautiful wife Barbara (and, man, how he loved to brag about her!!) and his children. He was humble, compassionate, understanding -- and he didn't spread any of that "other 'stuff'." Only genuine happiness and optimism.
And he wouldn't let a television courtroom -- or a disgraced Congressman -- get in the way of providing that!


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