Thursday, June 16, 2011

NETworking ...

A few days ago, whilst I was doing some quick sole-searching at our local maul (can you imagine? My shoes were so tired and worn, they had their tongues hangin' out!), a young man stopped me and asked for pointers (I have Shih-Tzus, btw ...) on popularising his band.

Well, to be honest, Chris, the best way to start this is to network. Now, there are at least three excellent social networks where you can pick up some loyal fans … but they’re gonna want to hear your music first!

And to do that successfully, you might wanna consider using a widget to build a playlist of samples that people can listen to online. You can make your own by clicking sites like

Next up: Get a good MySpace® site. Now, this’ll take just a little time to build, so be sure to have your band’s info at hand (including: “influences”, who the band “sounds like”, a brief biography, etc.).
When you’ve completed (and, listen — when you’re applying, be sure to register the spot under your band’s name), then send an intro letter to all your friends and fans and give them your new MySpace address.

Now, along with that, why not add to the PR by getting a Facebook® page? On this one, you can share even more information, give quick updates and even find new “friends” who can follow the band!
You can also leave notes, participate in charities, contests and more!

Twitter® is sort of a smaller, no-frills version of Facebook, and you can update it from your PC or text from your cell phone! It’s great for on-the-spot concert coverage, since you don’t have to be at an actual computer to do it!

The best way, however, is to get the word out to all your friends that your band is alive, well and growing! Do it through your regular e-mail, word-of-mouth, business cards handed out to your fans when you’ve played.

Hope that answers your question, Chris. Of course, you've gotta keep pluggin' away at those gigs, get some demos up and press kits out -- but, if you wanna move and groove, you've gotta get in touch with the heartbeat of rock-n-roll, and that's by touching base with the folks who brought ya to the dance to begin with: the "everyday people" -- the ones you'll find as FB friends, Twitter tweeters and MySpacers!


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