Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Where's The Cake??

Today's a very special day in the Mouse House ... because we honour the birthday of our late, beloved Chief, Lloyd Thaxton.

Somehow, I get the feeling that Uncle Lloyd is saying, "Well, where's the cake?" No, I don't mean a cake of flour and sugar and eggs and candles with gooey icing and (ummm .. okay; if anybody SHOULD be makin' a cake like that, I'll indulge ... I just made myself hungry ...). He'd mean Look ... I'm not there in person to blow out candles or toot those paper horns, but I'm still there with you all in spirit ... in all I've shared with you.

So where's the cake?? Come on ... celebrate life! That's what LL was all about, wasn't he?

Now, I could stop here and go through his biography -- maybe it's expected, I dunno -- but this man, whose most famous TV "signature" was of kids replying "SOOOO WHAT?!?" when he spoke his name, wouldn't want a whole lot of fanfare and fancy gifts. He would've just wanted his fans to remember him, share the love and laughter he brought
and, in the words of Jay and The Americans, "Remember the Good Times" ...

Of course, Uncle LL would've been 84 years young today. But, to him, age was honestly just "a state of mind". For anybody who debated him, he'd say "Then what about Betty White (89)? Jerry Lewis (85)? Chuck Berry (84)? Tell THEM that .. if you can keep up with 'em!"

And who else but our perennially-young Chief Mouser could turn on an entire generation just by drawing little smiley-faces on his fingers and treating him like they were real people? Who else but Uncle Lloyd could slip on a record, then into a helmet and robe, cut up and move his lips to the song, Cara Mia, and make millions of kids laugh their heads off??
Who else, with words of understanding and wisdom, wrapped in his inimitable smile, could touch as many worried lives -- truly turning frowns upside-down with his mix of truth and humour?

Yes, we miss Lloyd Eugene Thaxton today just as much as we did that sad day in October, 2008. But we also know it's time to celebrate not just the legend, not just the icon ... but our friend ...

So ... where's the cake??

Stay tuned ...

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