Friday, May 13, 2011

The Times Are Changin'

Nearly five decades have passed since we all bowed to Dylan's anthemic hit, The Times They Are A-Changin'". We understood, all too well, the meaning of its lyrics; after all, we had wars all around us -- whether in the rice paddies of Vietnam or the streets of Selma, Alabama. And if we weren't fighting with bullets and napalm to gain a few precious feet of territory, we were doing it with protests and song to gain a few precious rights for minorities, women, and young people.
And we lost our glimpse into Camelot -- gunshots in Dallas' Dealey Plaza robbed us of a President who gave us all hope ...

Today, there are so many similarities to those days: We have wars all around us -- whether in the sands and caves of Afghanistan or the inner-city streets of New York. And, if we aren't fighting with smart bombs and HSMs to flush out Al-Quieda mercenaries, we're doing it with open protests in Egypt, Tunisia and Yemen -- all for freedom's sake.
And we lost our glimpse into Hell -- gunshots in a Pakistani compound took one of the most hated men since Hitler -- one who gave us all fear ...

SO IT'S TIME for this song to be broadcast around the world once again -- and who better to record it than Phil "Fang" Volk, former bassist and cut-up with the legendary Paul Revere and The Raiders?
Released in an updated, rock-and-roll format, "Fang's" rendition reminds one of his "Raider" days but has a driving sound that will attract today's rock music fan. It carries the angst and urgency of the original, but with a seemingly built-in determination to win over the travesties that are going on around us ... and build a peaceful world once again.

Not only does Phil have a lively and powerful voice that makes you wanna hear more of this superstar, but he's really put his heart into this rockin' rendition; trust me: He means every word of it!

Here ... this is from his site:

"A SONG FOR A WORLD IN TURMOIL. Never before has humanity teetered with such instability, facing a future with incredible fear & uncertainty ... Yes, the times, they are a-changin' ..." (for the full, touching note, click on his site [see above] and scroll down. It'll be on the right, next to his handsome face ...)

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The times, they are a-changin'! Brothers and sisters, can ya feel it?? Then click on those links today and show it!!

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