Friday, May 27, 2011

A Memorial Day Honour ...

On Sunday, we set aside time to honour those American soldiers, sailors, Marines and Air Force personnel who gave their lives in the name of freedom -- and for God, duty and country.
Of course, the real celebration comes on Monday, when most stores and even more people have the day off to remember our deceased vets.

But it's also meant for those who survived the battlefields but, sometime down the road and for other reasons, passed from this world to another. Many of the ceremonies commence in churches, and end up in graveyards where the veterans are buried.

Most recently included amongst these are soldiers who served during the Afghan wars of recent years. These, unlike those of earlier conflicts, were volunteers; they didn't have to go to war. They could've easily remained "civilians", working their jobs, hanging out with their friends, dating, or going to college. Instead, they volunteered to serve our country -- and, sadly but subsequently, gave their lives to help protect it.

So, this weekend, we need to pay our respects to every one of them, whether World War or Vietnam, Korean or Iraqi, Afghan or a War Between States. It won't take long to thank these men and women on this particular day ... but it would take more than a lifetime to repay them for their courage, conviction and conscience ...


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