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Take a good, lonnnng look at that trio in that photo, readers -- because they comprise a band that you'll soon be seeing in front-page rock headlines around the globe.
They're called PaperFaces, and they hail from Worthing and Brighton, England. Having just included the popular Matt Hardy to their lineup as well as a session sax-man, the band is a mix of folk, rock and fun -- a group with lively presence, positive attitude, fab songs (self-composed material!) and absolute appreciation for each and every fan!
One 'listen' to their current hits and you're bound to become fast fans yourself (don't worry, yardbirds -- you're gonna hear two of them before we leave today!).

Just this morning, I completed an interview with Marie and the band. Enjoy, because you're reading a new chapter in rock history:

1. First, how about introducing our readers to the members of the band?
Marie Dance - Lead vocals/ guitar
Paul Moseley - Drums
Chris Baigent - bass
Matt Hardy - Lead guitar/ backing vocals
John Mittchell - session saxophone player

2. How and when did you all come together to form PaperFaces? Had you known each other prior to its formation?

MARIE: When I returned to the UK 2008 after three years rocking and rolling in Thailand I didn't know Paul or Chris or anyone that's in the band now. I just knew I had to form another band somehow. I started creating a heavy rock band with a friend of mine who plays lead guitar and that's when we went in search of a drummer. I had heard about Paul by going out on the town and by asking people and so I went to see him play a gig. He was in a heavy metal band at the time and as I watched him beating the hell out of the drums I decided he was the one I wanted. So he joined our rock band and we played a few gigs around town.
As we began to get to know each other I started to see that there was a softer more melodic side to Paul, as there was in me also, and so I started playing him my softer songs. He loved them and wanted to start something new built around my material. So we both quit the rock band and came together to start creating the PaperFaces sound.

We met Chris on The Gumtree advertising site, ha ha not very romantic, but we liked his look and we loved his playing style so he was in straight away. We met John out on the town at an open mic night. he played most nights as a legendary bass player for who ever wanted him. But PaperFaces were more drawn to his saxophone playing and the awesome sounds of his huge baritone and bass sax. And our latest edition Matt saw us playing at an open mic one night and then answered our add for a lead guitarist. We auditioned him and were very impressed. We have just played our first live show with Matt and it rocked. We're not just band mates we are great friends and have a very strong musical bond, which is very hard to find.

3. I've a couple of questions from readers, the first of which is from a fan named "Jeri" who asks, "How did they come up with the name PaperFaces?"

PaperFaces is the name of a Feeder song. It was Chris's idea and we had a load of other name ideas but we all thought that name was quite cool so we just went with it.

4. Who are your musical influences, individually and as a group?

MARIE: I just love The white stripes, bob Dylan Noel Gallagher And Neil Young . But I also like a lot of heavier stuff too like the Kings of Leon, Led Zeppelin, Queen and the rolling stones. I love rock n roll but I also like the more melodic song writers. I like to be able to hear the lyrics and understand what the song is about.

PAUL: I've got a great love for blues and rock but also like Marie the softer more melodic stuff. I love RORY GALLAGHER and that whole raw rock n roll vibe. I think LITTLE RICHARD and other old rock n roll legends are what really excite me but if we're talking about more modern stuff then I have to say I'm a big DAVE MATHEWS BAND fan and have been for a long time since there earliest work, and to mention a few more favourites TOOL - DAVID GRAY - LYNYRD SKYNYRD and probably QUEEN who got me started on wanting to play drums and make music in the first place! There are many more of course!

CHRIS: I grew up listening to my dad's favourite music which was a lot of David Bowie, Elton John and Queen. My mum was into Motown so I was definitely influenced by that and James Jameson had a big role to play in developing my style. When I first started to listen to music independently it was around the BritPop era so it was lots of Oasis and Pulp etc. but I went heavily for the alt rock scene and was blown away by Timmy C from Rage Against The Machine. I love his playing style but really, and I put this into the ad which got me noticed by Marie and Paul, I prefer melody over mayhem! (A little mayhem never hurts though!)

5. Now, who does the song writing in the band, and how do you come up with those fab arrangements?

When we started out we had a bunch of my songs to work with but as time has gone on we have started to write a lot more as a band. Paul usually comes up with a chord progression and an idea and then I will think of some Lyrics for Pauls idea. Sometimes Paul will come to us with a finished song and sometimes Chris will bring an idea forward. sometimes I have half a song but I need the boys to help me finish it or re arrange it. So in the end we just call them PaperFaces songs, we co write as a band.
Who knows? Maybe Matt will bring a song forward as he becomes more comfortable being part of the band.
As for the arrangements well we do that in the same way, we have lots of song writing sessions and we throw ideas out and agree what we think sounds cool. I guess the arrangements are just the way we naturally write songs we don't really think about it they just end up that way. And if it feels write then we call it a finished song.

6. PaperFaces have a distinct "retro" sound in their music. How would you compare today's music to that, say, of the early 60s?

Well we all love the old time 60's music and all the old music that doesn't get played as much as it should. we do want to have that boppy fun sound that you can just bounce around to. At the moment there are lots of choppy guitar indie bands out there which seems to be what the public wants right now, but we try not to compare ourselves and we love it that our sound is different. We don't try to be more commercial or change our image so that we fit in more. We'll just wait until our kind of feel good music is back in fashion again. A change has to come eventually and when it does we'll be ready.

7. This second question comes from "Roger" in California: "The girl in the group 'PaperFaces', is 'Marie Dance' her real name? She looks & acts so good I think I've found my favourite girl singer now."

First of all let me say thank you so much to Roger. What a lovely thing to say. it means so much to us to hear that people like us and that they are 'getting' what we are about.
And, yes, Marie Dance is my real name, my father is called John Dance and I have three brothers with the same surname. It's so funny because nobody asked me that before I started playing music but now I get asked that question all the time. I love my Name wooooo.

9. One more question: Where can your many fans go to purchase your albums or singles of either of your bands, or to see you perform if (or when) they're in the UK?

Well, we almost have a website up and running the address is We will have links to ITunes were our music can be downloaded, our first EP is already on ITunes. we will also have all the info of up and coming gig in the UK and will be making regular announcements on MySpace at
. We haven't recorded an album yet as we just don't have the money. We have more than enough material for an album but we want to wait until we can get it done properly. But as soon as we can we will be in the studio to record our well overdue d├ębut Album.

Also if you like you could buy the album of my old band in Thailand called The Tonic Rays just go to and follow the links.
Pauls old heavy metal band can be found at".

10. Is there anything else you'd like to tell the many fans who are reading this interview?

We are just a small band from a small town in England, we are trying to be genuine and honest musicians. we love our music and we write songs that have a lot of meaning for us but every new fan that we find gives us more reason to carry on. we love to get feedback and hear what people think and we've been getting some great feedback lately. we are so pleased that we have connected with people all the way over in the states and it makes all the hard times worthwhile. And who knows maybe one day we will find the write connection to help us make our music professional and until then we'll just keep on keeping on.

Thanks a lot for listening. xxx

Thanks so much for your time, guys; you've definitely the attitude and sound that rock's needed for a long time. And it won't be long before you're in the studio, recording that anticipated first album (which is bound to go gold!)
Now, readers ... you've gotta feel their music in order to fully appreciate this amazing ensemble! Sooooooo, without further ado (adieu? adieux? I get 'em mixed up ...), here's PaperFaces with a twofer: Crazy Sometimes, followed by Passing By:

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