Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Let's Do It Again, Shall We??

Sometimes it happens ...
When you write as many posts as this Relic has over the past 43.5 years -- and covered everything but The Kitchen Cinque (a real band back in the '60s, btw!) -- you're bound to lose one or two in the process.
Especially when your cats use the keyboard as a trampoline to jump to the top of the armoire sitting beside your desk!

That's what happened yesterday: K-Cat and Huggs -- the "Sonny and Cher" of catdom -- decided to take their less-than-sensuous relation to new heights! I had my "edit" screen up -- where all the posts are listed with the option of editing or deleting them -- and went to get a cup of coffee.
Enter the Dynamic Duo, who walked onto the keyboard, hit a few choice keys accidentally as they jumped! The PC went into hibernation (probably out of fear; the whiskerlickers' combined weight is akin to that of a small refrigerator), and, by the time I got it back up, two of them had been deleted (I mean posts here; the cats were already up on the armoire, laughing and high-fiving ...).

Ahhhh, but the Eight Paws of Doom forgot that their Friskies supplier keeps back-ups! And, whilst most of the material I posted is dated now, one part is VERY current ... it's happening now -- and, hopefully, will continue for years to come. Here's the recovered version:


You know, yer Cuzzin' Relic always tries to intro the best new acts on either side of any of the ponds, right? Well, over the past few days, I've found a band that totally blew my socks off with their lively folk/rock sound!
They're called PaperFaces and hail from the UK. To try and describe their fresh, somewhat "retro" sound (with all-new, self-composed material!) would be like trying to describe strawberry ice cream -- ya just gotta taste it yourself to dig its unbelievably-groovy flavour!
I'll tell you this, though: If Uncle Lloyd were with us right now and heard Marie, Paul, Chris, Matt and crew, he'd love 'em! And if Ed Sullivan were still around with his "really big shew", I could guarantee that this troupe would be headlining the broadcast.
Okay ... that being said, are ya ready to feel GOOOOOD?? Then catch this vid of the band doing Crazy Sometimes (PS I'm gonna try to finagle an interview with these dynamic talents next week, so stay tuned ...):

ONE MORE QUICK WORD: To you who'd responded to and commented on this vid: I apologise for its disappearance from yer TMC screen. The two meowsers responsible have been reprimanded (which, as you know, does no good at all with cats), and the armoire in question has been moved to a location outside Cincinnati ... but, according to your kind remarks, the PaperFaces are definitely star-bound! Wouldn't be surprised at all to hear them all over stateside radio soon ...

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