Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Welcome To The Relic's Yard

Mousers, I'm on two assignments at the moment with a close deadline. By Thursday, we'll get back to the regular madness here; but, 'til then, I've left a couple of fillers in the stove for ya. Here's the first:

Whilst we're rollin' down the info superhighway, keep in mind there's a whole lotta shakin' going on around the Rock Yardl. Some of you have written in, asking what goes on here on a daily basis.

First: I work press-side for some amazing new indie acts (from both sides of the Atlantic) by lining up airplay and interviews for them over here in the states. It's also a privilege help newer artistes in their quest to make it from the rehearsal basements to the venues that'll get their music "out there."

Second: I'm a journalist and am contracted to work for three dynamite studios. Sometimes, these article assignments will come in ten at a time ... and, on occasion, they can be intricate (in other words, take a lot of head-scratchin' work and time!).

Third: I have three blogs on the burners, and most of 'em are boiling at the same time. Rock, Rhythm and Rimshots is the main event for rock brains ... but this one, The Mouse Clique, is one that I continue in cherished memory of and to honour our late mentor and friend (and founding Mouser) Lloyd Thaxton. The other is for all my compadres in and around Ashland, Kentucky (home base for yer Cousin Relic) and it's called Ashland Journal.

Fourth: I do mounds of research into rock-n-roll history, keep updated on the latest music news, and produce a monthly radio broadcast (which will be going bi-weekly by mid-April ...)

Then I eat and sleep ... sometimes ... if my cats will let me ...

Now, this is just to give you a rundown of what's up here in in the RockYard -- and how hectic it can be. That's why it takes awhile to get up with all the emails, snail mails and tall tales you send me; I will respond, but just gimme a mo to catch my breath every once-in-awhile, and we're good.

One thing for sure:

ROCK IS MY PASSION ... WRITING AND PROMOTING IT IS AN HONOUR ... AND I WOULDN'T TRADE PLACES WITH ANYTHING I DO FOR ALL THE CHEESE ON THE MOON! And I wouldn't let my readers, fans or bill collectors down for a moment ... you're all outtasite (well,I wish those bill collectors were, but in a difference sense of the word!).

Stay tuned ...

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