Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Not Exactly "GaGa" Over This

It could be a photo of almost any attractive blonde ...

but, of course, it's actually Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta -- aka Lady Gaga. And her claim-to-fame isn't so much her talent as it is her ability to take eccentricity to new heights. She wears outfits that are so outlandish that I'm sure even Sir Elton John would holler, "ENOUGH!!"

But there's something that goes beyond the outfits and voice (the latter of which, IMHO, is okay, but nothing to write home about ...) that's getting a lot of buzz these days:
Her recent admittance that she drinks whiskey and smokes "weed" whilst writing her material, Then she followed that up with a 60 Minutes™ interview in which she talked about her sexual requirements!
Somehow, you get the feeling that this bird has really flown the coop. She wants attention, and will do whatever-it-takes to get it.

Okay, admittedly, we did have some cosmic comic characters back-in-the-day who made major moves on the media. In England, for example, there was "Screaming" Lord Sutch (pictured on the right); here, we had "Screamin'" Jay Hawkins. None of them made as big an impact as LG (though SJH did give us the blues classic I Put A Spell On You"), but they still had a "gimmick" that pulled in some mega-crowds to their shows.

Today, there are shock-rockers from Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson to costumers like KISS, GWAR and Slipknot. Whilst they do draw a bigger gate than either Sutch or Hawkins (and, I've gotta throw in a rockabilly favourite, "Unknown" Hinson), they all realise that (no, he's not related. 'Course, Uncle Lum's family was a bit odd, come to think of it ...) when they're offstage and back into everyday, grocery-shopping/pay-bills/feed-cats/visit-relatives life, they cut the gimmickry and become norml people like (most of/some of) us.

And that's what Lady G has to understand. You see, in order for any "star" to keep his/her feet into reality, they've gotta know when to glam or gear up for the show and when to just be themselves. In other words, they know you don't have to advertise yourself 24/7!

As a suit who worked with a major toothpaste company (unnamed here) told me with a gleem in his eye (awww, rats!), "If you're doing a flashy advertising campaign 24-7, eventually people will get tired of your product. But if your product's good to begin with, you won't need to do a lot of flashy promoting; they'll already know you'll come through with the goods!"

Besides, there'll come a day when you'll want the freedom to walk about without the cameras flashing in your face, fans screaming for a touch/autograph/both. I can think of one singer who could vouch for that -- because he finally found that freedom.
Unfortunately, he's not here anymore (at least, in person) to do that.
His name was John Lennon ...


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