Saturday, April 9, 2011

Introducing ... The 286!

Question: What happens when you put a group of optimistic, like-minded young musicians together with a creative songwriter and a lively drummer whose talent is an even match for his keen humour?

Answer:You get The 286!

This seven (actually, by extension, eleven)-member ensemble takes the best of rock and flavours it with cello, violin and synthesisers. They comprise a rock ensemble that matches the fervour and excitement of the late, legendary Electric Light Orchestra -- but add a personal, fan-friendly approach that every listener can appreciate!

Whilst their hit single, Hello, is already making highly-successful rounds on radio stations across the globe, the band has just released their first extended-play album (or "EP")! Readers, this has to be one of the most eagerly-anticipated releases of the Millenium! Amongst the five-song set are hits that've wowed audiences throughout the UK:
  • Battalion 28.6 (Monmouth Mix)
  • Suite. Beyond The World
  • two special mixes of their hit "Sophie Sands" and, of course, their mega-hit ...
  • Hello
To say that Spencer, Nathan, Liv, Ash, Alex, Becky, Izzy and their friends Petra, Sally, Dennis and Adaq make a joyful noise before the horde of fans that throng to their venues is an understatement; but to have this EP in your CD player -- man, that's ecstasy!

My personal favourite (other than their awesome Hello which is a must-have for every rock fan as they mix ELO with Moody Blues with The Fore and turn out a masterpiece) is Battalion 28.6. Trust me -- you'll be shaken and stirred as you bond with this track ....

Now, I'll have more about the EP -- including where you can wrap your eager ears around a copy. Until then, tap into their site and sound on MySpace® and their Facebook® page.
Take it from the Rock Relic: You'll be rockin' alllll night lonnnnng!

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